Saturday, December 19, 2020

Take 344

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
One week to Christmas! I finished baking our cut-out sugar cookies so that we can decorate them sometime next week. Let's see how many of them make it out of the freezer still whole and not cracked... a gamble every year. Every year I lean into my best Type-A-ness and attempt to make bakery level cookies. LOL. These were from our first year of marriage in 2012:
--- 2 ---
Christmas realization: I should absolutely not start Advent next year with one Scotch Tape. There's a tiny battle in my home where the scotch tape bounces between my wrapping station and the kids' project table. I'm planning to win this battle. Or just buy another 99 cent scotch tape. Hah!
--- 3 ---
We went back into lockdown here in Germany... I have to admit that outside of a few playdates, it doesn't change our life much. Christmas break was coming anyway... time to hunker down and eat cookies. Right??
--- 4 ---
However, because this is the first lockdown where my children are older than kindergarten, I've had my first foray into remote learning... And I have to tell you: I'm a fan. A big one. I spent 10 weeks alone with my 3 kids this spring and if someone had handed me learning sheets to keep my kids busy... I would've loved them forever. So I'm all #gratitude over here.
--- 5 ---
Three HUGE Hoorays for my dear (sainted) husband who spent many sessions with our kids constructing this Lego set... a symbol of the port of Hamburg. Too fun. Lots of patience... and memories. #moregratitude
--- 6 ---
I've been trying to enjoy Christmas music in whatever form I can find it... I'm totally guilty of being a fan of Hanson's Christmas Album... (Thank you early 2000's high school experience.) ...But Brenda Lee? I'd rather die. I can't handle her AT. ALL. Sorry, girl.
--- 7 ---
We've had the same TV for 8 years, and it finally bit the dust. It wasn't new when we got it (thanks, Dad and Mom!), so when we set up our brand new TV last week, I've had trouble adjusting to the all-too-real picture quality. I feel like I've been transported to the future with how good the picture is. Like, hard to actually take it seriously. 

Happy Saturday! And Merry Christmas next week! ... 
You won't see me here. I'll be celebrating in our socially distant way over here in Germany... Missing you, of course.

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