Saturday, November 07, 2020

Take 358

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
I'm not going to talk about it. I can't. Maybe when you read this, it'll all be over. But it's been one heck of a week, amiright? So, in other news, I'll just share my self-care routine for this past week: yoga pants (remember I don't have a day job LOL), audiobooks for the kids (because it keeps the peace), physical therapy exercises (not really working--my neck is a wreck), martinis after bedtime, and popcorn. Just popcorn. Because I'm still calorie counting and binge eating cookies is... not advisable. OH! And The Office. We just keep watching it. Because we need it.

I'm hoping you've cared for yourself this week, too. Virtual cheers and hugs from me!
--- 2 ---
One of the best things ever was Brian making a dance playlist for a kids' birthday party... now I have an easy go-to for the winter after-school wiggles... and I wanted to share that Kidz Bop does a version of "Uptown Funk" that's clean... and it doesn't sound too baby-ish and I love it. I love that that song, which used to be a "no go" has entered our dance party lives. 

Dance on with your bad self. Oh. And watch the video at your own risk. It hurts. (And yes. So glad something I did at the age of 13 isn't on Youtube permanently like that... eek.)
--- 3 ---
How was your Halloween? We kept it simple here with pumpkin carving and a bowl of candy for us... Trick-or-Treating was "Strongly discouraged", but dressing up hasn't lost its charm and we all had a nice day. They ran around outside in costumes being freezing cold... so I feel like Halloween happened. 
--- 4 ---
We installed a New Kitchen Light! We replaced the hanging Christmas lights over the window with an actually beautiful and installed light fixture. I love it, and I can now see the food I'm chopping.
--- 5 ---
You know how you can rearrange your apps on your iPhone? With the latest iOS update, I found it hilarious that Apple actually has a title for that status... It's called Jiggle Mode. LOL.
--- 6 ---
We have full on sunshine here today and it's quite stunning. We finally got around to pulling out the old tomato plants and removing the dead flowers from our hydrangea. We're really hunkering down for cold season, but I'll admit that the sunshine today is most welcome. 
--- 7 ---
Update on the computer/desk situation: it turns out that I'm used to blogging while sitting around in the evenings when the kids and my husband are still up and the dinner work is done for the day... but now that my computer is permanently at my desk (because the battery won't hold a charge anymore--wah wah), I find it harder to blog, because it requires being "unsocial" or being absent to whatever else is going on in the house... Interesting, huh? It's amazing how little changes (or big ones) disrupt the "normal path" of activities... so with that, I have to say: Happy Saturday! Because I didn't blog last night... and chose to be present to my family. ;) 

Happy Saturday! May your weekend be restful and rejuvenating!

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  1. Great to catch up! Enjoy the fleeting sun in Hamburg!