Friday, November 27, 2020

Take 341

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your table was filled with food and you found ways to connect with people you love... even if it was from a distance. We had a lovely day and once again enjoyed the time zone difference--dinner at actual dinner time (after work) and the parade during happy hour. So nice. And people we love, to boot.
--- 2 ---
I scoured my photo archives last week for a Thanksgiving decoration photo and discovered that  I have a lot of terribly lit Thanksgiving table decoration photos... Thank you Autumn lighting and late dinner hours for our family on Thanksgiving... So, I actually set a reminder this year to take photos of my table. LOL. Yup. I'm crazy. (Should've set a reminder to put the dinner rolls on the table... Poor things never made it. #PardonedDinnerRolls)
--- 3 ---
I have to say that my least favorite homemade item this year was my stuffing. I don't know what I did wrong, but it had great flavor (thank you fresh herbs!), but terrible texture. I'm ready to try again to get it right. But also, I think I should serve stuffing more than once a year. What a delightful food, when done right. 
--- 4 ---
My cousin shared this song with us this week and I thought I'd share it, too. Simply delightful.
--- 5 ---
My kids' Thanksgiving day lunch was a silly/cute turkey shaped kid version of a charcuterie board and I thought I'd tell you why I did this: because two years ago I was so focused on getting everything right that I had already decorated and set the tables and had ZERO lunch plan. My poor kids ate PB&J on the floor and I hate no lunch at all. #FailingaHoliday So this year? I improved. The kids had a cute lunch and I ate leftover beef stroganoff that I made the night before. Everyone was happy.
--- 6 ---
I missed most of the Macy's Day Parade this year, sadly. But, from what I heard I didn't exactly miss much. 10 points for Brian's cousin who decided to replay 1997's parade with Backstreet Boys. Maybe I'll watch that tomorrow morning with our leftover banana bread. Backstreet's Back ALRIGHT!
--- 7 ---
Not to shift focus too quickly, but this week I said to Siri, "Remind me in one month to get my Kitchen Aid serviced." She complied... and set a reminder for 9 am on Christmas morning. #GASP #SHOCK 

Here we go!

Happy (Black) Friday!

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