Friday, November 20, 2020

Take 340

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
It's less than a week before Thanksgiving! Eek! Are you prepping, yet? The only time I was more "relaxed" about our Thanksgiving meal was last year when I was 7 months pregnant and we flew to Ireland--in other words, it was impossible to prep. But! I learned a valuable lesson: it went just fine. Our turkey is ordered and I'll make cranberry sauce this weekend... but other than that, we'll make it! hah!
--- 2 ---
I baked a pumpkin pie and dutch apple pie for our friends at school yesterday... and I decided that there should be a word for the category of dessert that you make and can't 

1.) taste test or 
2.) share 

Really. If I make you cookies or even something baked in a small ramekin, I can taste what I'm sending you. Even a typical banana bread recipe makes 2 loaves. With these options, I can "make sure it's not poison" or even just... have some. But I can't exactly send a pie to an event (that I'm not going to) with one slice removed... I mean *I guess I could*.... LOL.

I'll just say that it must've been a success... because this is what came home:
--- 3 ---
Have you ever noticed that it's impossible to pour cocoa powder without it going absolutely everywhere? That the path to the least amount of spillage is necessarily spooning it out? No? Well, then please oh please oh please tell me how you pour cocoa... because my hands, shirt and countertop are always covered in brown powder... always.
--- 4 ---
I had no idea that the Piña Colada was not a blended drink with ice chips in it (like a blended margarita). We had leftover cream of coconut from a cake I made (which was delicious, btw), so I looked up beachy cocktails and tried my hand at making a piña colada... and voilá! It's actually shaken! Crazy. Oh, and quite tasty. 
--- 5 ---
I don't know if you agree with me, but I think it's an actual crime when clothing companies do not sew their tags with an additional stitch. If the actual hem or closure of the clothing includes the tag, YOU LAZY. And now my shirt itches. And I can't remove the tag with a seam ripper, otherwise I will take apart the clothing. AND! If I cut that tag down to the smallest amount possible, it'll likely itch even more. 

A CRIME I tell ya. 
--- 6 ---
I am slowly realizing that it's time to figure out nighttime sleep with our baby... (Read: he slept 7 hours one night this week and I realized how much of my current personality is being led by my 2-3 feedings every night... for my 9 month old.) 4 hours feels like a long stretch right now... and I like to have 9 hours when I don't have a baby... hahaha!

I happened upon a website that recommended that I wake up to pump during any missed nighttime feedings when my baby started sleeping through the night.

--- 7 ---
We've been trying to hone in on our homey hygge and we've had a lot of success. But we finally admitted to ourselves that regular candles aren't that different from smoking when it comes to healthy lungs. There's a lot of chemicals... and if you use them regularly... well, I bought my first set of beeswax candles.... and #expensive. I had to laugh at myself when I realized that I have an internal battle buying anything that's expensive that I can't eat. LOL. If I'm going to buy quality, I want it to be food or drink.... or leather boots. Hah!

Happy Friday!

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