Saturday, October 31, 2020

Take 357

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
I don't know if you saw, but the Justice Department is suing Google for possibly having an illegal monopoly. Usually news like this makes me yawn, but you see, I ran into a problem last year... I got locked out of my old ("maiden name") gmail account. I made the fatal mistake of not updating my password recovery contact information when I went international to Germany... my old cell phone number is gone... and my emergency email was 2 jobs back... 

So when Google is being sued for having a monopoly, I can't help but mention something here:

You cannot contact Google when you're locked out of your email. They say they'll contact you after investigating, but they don't. And I can't help but feel like they can get away with this because... well, they've got the monopoly. And they won't spend the money to take care of little ol' me. 

And no. You can't buy back your old cell phone number. I checked.

I've been locked out for over a year and basically I'm still mourning the loss of all the history.
--- 2 ---
I'm going to dedicate two takes to this issue... because I can't help but compare the ridiculousness of Take 1 with the amazing-ness of another company:


I had the same issue: locked out with old recovery info for back-up... Guess what they did? In 24 hours, they asked me to prove my identity with documentation. I did so. They reset everything to match my new email address and BAM. 24 hour turnaround and recovery of my account. 

Good work, Flickr. Even if I hate you and am only getting back in to delete everything. 

Google: Shame on you. You have the resources to take care of your people. Do it.
--- 3 ---
I try not to exude "Mom" all the time. It's good for my mental sanity to distance myself and feel... like adult Mary. (Remember Bringing up Bebe? Yeah. Like that.)

But in reality, sometimes I accidentally cut my own food into kid-sized bites... and then I really want some adult time. LOL.
--- 4 ---
What's my current decoration style? Welp, my baby is crawling and pulling up on furniture. It's simply a whole house version of keep away
--- 5 ---
We've been married 8.5 years and we just purchased our first desk! It's new to us... but not new. You might (maybe) appreciate the fact that we have expensive taste on a cheap budget... and honestly, I got tired of looking for a Danish Desk for 100 Euros. LOL. Swoop in a glass desk and voila! We can agree that the glass look is much better than 1980's colored wood. I'm happy to have a place to work!
--- 6 ---
My list of items that I can't get in Germany has really dwindled. But I wanted to share with you a laughable cost of... well, diced canned green chilis. No really. That's 4,55 Euros per can, or 1,14 Euros per ounce... or $1.33/ounce. Uff. I miss adding this mildly spiced, full flavor chili to my soups and chilis.
--- 7 ---
In a court case in Ireland this month, Subway bread is ruled "Cake" due to it's high sugar content. [Pause]

All the hilarious laughs. Too good to be true.

Happy Halloween!


  1. The glass is wonderful for a smaller space!! :D
    I love it.

    1. Thanks! Two weeks later and I still do, too! :)

  2. Love the desk! I feel the same way about Google. And Flikr - I'm glad they worked for your account. I can't stand their organization, though. :(