Friday, October 09, 2020

Take 355

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Up this week! Random things I've learned about famous people. 

Cary Grant is British! #SayWhat YES. And I always assumed he was a tall, dashing American... nope. He's a tall, dashing Brit. 
--- 2 ---
Do you ever have trouble identifying an old movie and can't remember the name of the actors in the movie?? This week I totally won that game by googling, "Actress that looks like Helen Hunt." And shockingly! It worked! Leelee Sobieski.
--- 3 ---
Next up: Sandra Bullock. Totally fluent in German. Good gracious. Go google. Go and be amazed. I had NO idea. 
--- 4 ---
Speaking of German, I had a strange experience this week of flipping through radio stations and landing on Opera. It was in German... and my brain shorted. I could understand them! Actually, no. That's not fair. I couldn't understand WHAT they were saying, but I could understand the WORDS. Crazy crazy.
--- 5 ---
Ok, so moving on. I know we're all dealing with constantly shifting expectations for this unbelievable year of 2020, myself included. In light of this, and other things... I set a new 2020 goal: vacuum faster than my almost 8-month old can crawl. #DreamBig
--- 6 ---
Other things I'm doing to keep 2020 sane? I started listening to to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone... Why? I just need something. Something brainless. Something with a twinge of nostalgia and joy. Something... juvenile. LOL. I'm totally eating it like candy... (And enduring boring set up stuff like how to play Quidditch.) 
--- 7 ---
Today was a big win and we captured the sunshine (which is not very common right now) and went south for apple picking... A lovely family adventure and I'm just still so in love with Autumn.

Happy Friday!

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