Friday, October 02, 2020

Take 354

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
We received so many sweet gifts on the occasion of Clancy's baptism... but I just had to share something that "takes the cake". In Germany, it's traditional to have a "first place setting" that's used when you start solid food, and is preserved in your baby box when you're done. Shout out to our friends who gifted Clancy a Seal Themed first place setting... just like my maiden name. :) 
--- 2 ---
I wore a beautiful silk scarf when I went back to church for the first time post-pandemic (!) last week. It felt so good to get dressed up and go to church... But I couldn't not share what I found on the tag: 
--- 3 ---
In Germany, it's not unusual for American movies to have different names... Sometimes in German, but hilariously, sometimes even in English. For example, the movie Chef is called Kiss the Cook. Too good, right?? 
--- 4 ---
Have you seen this product by Bombay? A bottle of Bombay Bramble. I don't know if it's new, but there are advertisements for it around Hamburg. Kind of cool, really. 
--- 5 ---
Three cheers for my sister-in-law, Meghan, who discovered this link of historical photos of New York City and sent it along... GUYS. Go enjoy. So cool!
--- 6 ---
Sometimes I forgot that we're all dealing with a pandemic on the outskirts of semi-normal life. I woke up with a fever last week, having dreamt that I was dying of COVID-19 and was so sad that I would have to die alone in a hospital.

People. Be kind to yourself. Even if you feel "OK", you might also find out that your psyche is doing a lot of work in the background. [Sidenote: my fever is gone and I'm fine. Not COVID...]
--- 7 ---
Last weekend Brian roasted a duck. Today is the first time I've ever  attempted to make duck stock. Can't wait to find ways to use it! I'll keep you posted. These ideas all look like a good idea.

Happy Friday!

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