Friday, September 11, 2020

Take 352

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
I finished the book Better Than Before and I couldn't not tell you a small piece of information I learned: That by simply removing trays from college cafeterias (requiring the use of only plates when getting food), food waste was reduced by 25-30%! Can you believe that??? 

Note to self: keep dinner plates small. LOL.
--- 2 ---
Vote! Which gin bottle do you like better?? Same product, design change. Brian and I have complete opposite opinions. LOL. 
Find the answers below... just like those cool books we used to read in grade school.
--- 3 ---
Since the older kids are back in school, I've resumed my daily walking, which has been very nice. I wanted to share something with you that's on our walk to the mall: covered walk ways along a busy street for a more pleasant walking experience... fast bicycles go to the left along with traffic. Genius, no?
--- 4 ---
We roasted our first pumpkin this week and made pumpkin bread. I used the Betty Crocker recipe and  BOY, was it bland. I guess I'll try Deb's next... I've had a real problem with calorie counting and my love of Smitten Kitchen... there's simply no nutritional information on her recipes... and that doesn't work well for me right now. So, I've been trying to use more because they have calories for everything. Shrug. Live and learn.
--- 5 ---
Public Service Announcement: It's the time of year to plant your spring bulbs! I've never done this before, but this weekend we'll be planting hyacinths and allium... spring bulbs that I used to love from our garden in South Bend... 

Side note: our first home was owned by a master gardener and I was able to cut bouquets of flowers all growing season long... I find myself planning my ideal future garden entirely based on what we had in that garden. It was my favorite.
--- 6 ---
With our third kiddo, I'm still a big fan of these. If nothing else, it helps them to "participate" in a family meal, even if they're not eating. Love those baby lolly pops.
--- 7 ---
In the blink of an eye, my trusty MacBook Pro, which still feels like my "new computer" is 3 years and 10 months old... the perfect time to have the battery completely die. It now needs to be plugged in at all times and we're venturing into the land of the (dun dun dun!) 

Family Desk

I've been thinking of getting a family desktop and owning one family laptop since we got our last set of laptops. The reality is that my photo work could use the bigger monitor and extra storage space... and I like the idea of having a printer (lol). So, we'll see! First things first: buy a desk! It will be our first desk in our marriage... imagine that! 8.5 years of marriage to a teacher and we've never owned a desk. Strange.

Happy Friday!

#2: the yellow on the right is the old design, and I LOVE the new design. Brian does not. :)

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