Friday, September 04, 2020

Take 351

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
I'm not one for sharing lots on this front, but believe yous me, I love looking at other people's before and after photos... And I'm not one for before and after photos much of *me*, but because you all know I've been calorie counting (with the app "Lose It!"), I'm happy to share that after 2.5 months, I met my weight goal.

Meeting this goal has been timely, as I just jumped back into listening, "Better Than Before", where the author is describing habit forming and points out a few things that have hit home for me: meeting a goal means... you've met it. So, are you done? Are you going back? Or, are you totally changed? LOL. How anticlimactic. Now I'm grappling with what the long-term plan is. And I'm confident I'll find a good one.

(Thanks for the book recommendation, friends. I'm enjoying it!)
--- 2 ---
Another thing that the author mentions about habits is that we often choose rewards that undermine the very habit we're trying to build... #COOKIES, amiright? 

So, in an effort to keep embracing lower calorie weekdays for higher calorie weekends, I chose a bouquet of flowers and a new pair of yoga pants.

Also, rice crispy treats. I'm not perfect! LOL.
--- 3 ---
Dear Apple, Thanks?
FYI: This is totally NOT TRUE. I did 43 workouts in August and closed all three rings 27 out of 31 days. For me, that's total success! LOL.
--- 4 ---
We have a new fitness center at the mall here. Hilariously, they outfitted the front entryway (completely visible from the mall), with brand new swanky looking leather sofas. #Fitness Also, I'm sorely tempted to go lounge in them. LOL.
--- 5 ---
We went to a party this weekend and brought 7-layer dip. We had such a fun moment in the kitchen trying to remember all 7 layers. Can you do it? No cheating! LOL. Enjoy :) Now, go google it.
--- 6 ---
You know the super huge flying bug with long legs that we always called a mosquito... but clearly wasn't? (If you don't, google at your own risk. I have a strict policy to avoid bug google searches.) BUT, it's called a crane fly. And no, it doesn't bite.
--- 7 ---
It's not in all places, but I thought I'd share something I like about our walk to the mall here... the sidewalk splits and there's a woodsy-covered sidewalk for walkers, and the bicycles stay on the road side of the sidewalk... and that's just nice. #Germany

Happy Friday!

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