Friday, August 28, 2020

Take 350

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Is it happening where you are? It's just the slightest changes... only a tree here or there, but YES. Autumn is on its way. We have a small garden park near our house and the ground there is covered in leaves. The temperatures haven't been above 70 degrees this week, and I served white chicken chili with homemade bread... It's coming folks. #SweaterWeather

And yes. I'm one of those annoyingly in love with Fall people. I wait all year for this. (Not to be annoying, but to experience Fall.)
--- 2 ---
So, you ask, if you're so in love with Fall/Autumn, why have you never decided which label to use? Is one superior? Why do we have two names for this season? I'm 35 years old and I continue to call it both Autumn and Fall every time I talk about it with my kids. 

What is that?? Why??? Someone tell me, should I pick one? Which one? And why?? 
--- 3 ---
Some COVID updates for you... Our numbers have been so low in Germany that I do now take the baby into the store for quick grocery pick-ups... But of course a 6-month old can't be masked... I haven't seen anyone talking about this, so I thought I'd share: we use a stroller and the rain cover. Not perfect, but I figure it's some sort of protection! :)
--- 4 ---
The other COVID update? We haven't had babysitters much this year... thanks to the pandemic and new baby and and and... BUT! We had a babysitter this past weekend and I was jolted into the sudden realization that my baby is officially at the "Stranger Danger" attachment phase... and YES. I blame COVID-19 for his extreme reaction to having someone else in the house. I don't remember it being that bad with my other kids... His whole world has basically been the 4 of us... Crazy.
--- 5 ---
In other related news, the NYTimes informed me that Pizza Farms are gaining in popularity as farms are losing income from the restaurant industry being hit by the pandemic. When you go, you can even sit outside in the spacious properties because.... FARM. Cool idea, right?? I'd totally go to a pizza farm!
--- 6 ---
I saw the Columbia Torch Holding Lady in the opening credits of a movie this week and was struck... good gracious! Is that Susan Sarandon? Nope. Turns out she's not. 
--- 7 ---
It's funny how I've gotten older and I've shared a few cocktails that I like... and then I find out that my preferences are similar to those of my grandparents... #Manhattan #Benedictine Are liquor preferences really genetic? *Shrug* Maybe! I kind of like the idea. :)

Happy Friday!

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