Friday, August 21, 2020

Take 349

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Did you know that when Frozen was released, Brian and I rented it, unaware that it was a musical. The opening scene of singing commenced and I groaned because I knew that we would in no way be interested in a musical kids movie that night... LOL. I was pregnant and we were very far from kid movie life... Fast forward a few years and we can sing almost all of the words and Brian loves the Olaf snowman summer song. How life moves on, right?

So, we headed into a birthday party ready to provide a Frozen theme... and BEHOLD! I found a Birthday Cake Sticker. Remember last year? I hand-crafted a unicorn cake. Indeed, this year I was "off the hook" with a "Cake Sticker"... yes, it was a little bubbly, but no, I didn't spend hours carving and icing. I was happy... and so was the birthday girl.
--- 2 ---
Do you remember when we had to get up to change the TV settings? The dials on the TV? I laugh to myself as I control the Apple TV remote from the kitchen... on my iPhone.
--- 3 ---
Do you know that 5 years ago I professed unadulterated hate for champagne and all sparkling wine. Color me a changed woman. I love sparkling wine.
--- 4 ---
There have been a lot of negative things that have come from COVID-19, but I have absolutely found a positive thing... As a foreigner, I've become accustomed to standing in a pretty "every-man-for-himself" type of line at the Foreigners' Office (Ausländerbehörder--say that 5x fast) at opening time, in hopes of being seen before noon. Thanks to COVID-19, I was given an appointment, waited peacefully outside until my meeting time, and was escorted in without any wait.

It was like living in the Twilight Zone. Or the Truman Show. Seriously. 1st class service. 
--- 5 ---
Just finished the third Maisie Dobbs: Pardonable Lies. I'm more than happy to be listening to these audio books. Such a nice highlight to being at home with a baby... getting to listen to books. And yes, Mae, you were right... the reader of Book 3 is wonderful.
--- 6 ---
This week I attached this baby-set to our chair... Time flies! *Snap!* We're off to smashed bananas, peas, and popping teeth. Hold the rice. Everyone knows that's a nightmare to clean up.
--- 7 ---
I hope you're off to a nice, relaxing weekend! We added to the fun statistic of families that watched Mary Poppins Returns on the very first day it was available on Disney+ (today). Add in some homemade chocolate pudding with whipped cream, and we're off to a great start. 

Happy Friday!

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