Friday, August 14, 2020

Take 348

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
School has started! Each year, as August approaches, I can't help but remember Ramona Quimby, Age 8. This little girl in the books I used to love who eagerly awaited a new eraser with the start of each school year. The spark of excitement. I know this year is complicated with all of that... but it didn't stop me from reserving a Ramona book for our next family read-aloud book. I'm excited.
--- 2 ---
Last week I shared about cherry liquor... which we use in a cocktail that we discovered on a fancy dance date night in Boston. In the middle of a sushi dinner, Brian said, "I know what I want to do. Let's find a bar that doubles as an art gallery!" It took everything in me to only laugh--and not roll my eyes. He pulled out his phone and VOILA! We were 3 blocks from just such a place. (Glad I hadn't rolled my eyes!) We proceeded to have a fabulous truffle fries starter and cocktail at the Liquid Art House. It was divine. I'm so sad that they closed, but wanted to show you what it looked like in that restaurant. Seriously. A gem!
--- 3 ---
Little hands have such a hard time with bottles of shampoo. I figured it was time to finally solve this... and I don't regret buying these. Now I don't hear shouts of "MAMA!!!!" by frustrated littles.
--- 4 ---
Speaking of bottles... remember when I overhauled my spice drawer? Well, I lived with those stupid jars for 18 months... the kind that doesn't screw on... and replaced them! I've overhauled again and this time with jars that actual close.
Reminder to myself: that's what my drawer looks like after only 18 months. Guess I better clean more often. LOL. 

Question for you: What should I do with roughly 50 jars that don't close properly??? 
--- 5 ---
We started solid food (or mushy to be exact) with Clancy! After one week, I'm reminded that I'm basically incapable of feeding an infant without opening my own mouth in the process. It's so hilarious. #KneeJerkReactions
--- 6 ---
Do you have a favorite ice cream? Something that's different about Germany is that ice cream shops are so common and affordable, that I've decided it really does effect the grocery store options. Generally speaking, there's only a few flavors available. I remembered this week that I used to LOVE  chocolate chunk cherry ice cream when we lived in Pittsburg--remember Mom?? 

THEN I remembered something else: I own a dang ice cream maker! Totally trying that before the summer is over.
--- 7 ---
I have gone from no kitchen scales to owning two... I didn't end up getting rid of one, but it was in the back of my mind that it was silly to own two... until today! I baked a birthday cake today and was able to split the batter evenly while each round pan was on a scale. #WINNING (I'm a total kitchen scale convert.)

Happy Friday!

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