Saturday, July 18, 2020

Take 344

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
We were back to school, but we're now back at home thanks to our agreed-upon vacation time with the kids' school (pre-corona). Yes. I ordered paint and bubbles. I'm also planning to make frozen yogurt popsicles and try not to eat 416 cookies each week until school starts in August. Wish me luck!
--- 2 ---
We splurged and found out that the ice cream truck here is amazing. However, bubble gum ice cream taste *exactly* like Brian and I remember it... and no. We don't want another lick. Thanks, Kids. LOL.

(Of course, it didn't have chicklet gum in it like I used to get at Richmond Corner's ice cream shop... Good thing! hah! I used to save each chicklet gum piece until I was done and save them on a tiny, thin napkin. *eyeroll*)
--- 3 ---
I was unsuccessful in finding historic photos of Richmond Corner's ice cream parlor for that take (sad!), but was successful in finding the Richmond Park pool historic photos. So cool! (I used to swim there when I was little... in fact, that's where I got stitches on my chin! #FunTimes Pro Tip: When jumping into the pool backwards, make sure you jump far enough.)
--- 4 ---
Still over here calorie counting. I might have a lot less to say about anything in the kitchen if I continue doing this... Because Lord knows I don't want to talk about the tuna salad I ate for lunch yesterday... so I could afford the pizza dinner on my calorie budget for the day.

HOWEVER! I think I figured out a hack this week. It turns out roast chicken with carrots is a very calorie budget friendly dinner. In other news, macaroni and cheese does not fit into any budgeting program... and it suddenly occurred to me why my Mom's favorite Boston Market restaurant serves mac'n'cheese as a *side dish*... In the future, I totally plan to serve those two dinners together. Because I should really never have more than one cup of mac'n'cheese. But... Mac'n'Cheese
--- 5 ---
The tips of my fingers look like someone hacked away at them with a tiny toothpick. There are tiny cuts, shredded skin and it's breaking away from my nail. I've been trying to figure out what the heck changed... and I'm fairly certain it's daily hand sanitizer use! CRAZY. 
--- 6 ---
Are you on TikTok? Guys. I'm not on TikTok. I can't get myself to download the app. BUT! Brian is. And short of it being his assigned household task, I basically require him to show me his favorites every evening so that I can also laugh and enjoy TikTok. If he doesn't have any from that day, we just swipe and watch some for fun.

I'm such a cheater. And yes. I've seen so many hilarious TikToks. So many.
--- 7 ---
Do you know what 200 years of landscaping buys you? Scenes this beautiful: 
This park knocks it out of the park every time we visit. (Har Har) (Planten un Blomen)

Happy Saturday!

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