Friday, July 10, 2020

Take 343

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
We went on vacation! Sorry for simply disappearing last week... but getting our family to vacation was... a lot of work. LOL. We went for the third time to an airbnb in Denmark and it didn't lose any of its charm this time around. It's the longest vacation we've ever had as a family unit, and it was very very nice.

--- 2 ---
Vacationing with kids has all of the charm that you might expect... and some of the inconveniences, too... but I was for sure charmed by the presence of a bucket full of "Wasserschnecken" (water snails) on our deck... trying desperately to escape. 
--- 3 ---
Check out this sweet ice making bowl... their only problem? It should be square. Freezers aren't round... and neither should any device for holding food in the fridge or freezer... I've stood by this for years... inefficiency be gone. LOL.
--- 4 ---
This week I've been enjoying some alone time with Clancy... before the kids are on "Summer Break" with us for 3 weeks. A nice transition week between family vacation and being back "on" for kids' activities for 45 hours per week. So, I vowed to nap (and I did!) and watch some guilt-free TV (and I did!). I watched Remember the Titans this week and got to reflect on how well trained I've been by the football camp of my in-laws. You see, I married into an amazing family... and very quickly signed up for a crash course in football. Specifically: college football. More Specifically: Notre Dame Football. I giggled to myself as the coach on the opposing team in the movie called for a penalty against the quarterback. "WHAT??" I thought to myself. And smiled big as the ref replied with, "Are you kidding me, Coach??" That's right. The last time I watched this my name wasn't Couch. And I had no idea how ridiculous that request for a penalty actually was. LOL. And now I know!

Thanks, family!
--- 5 ---
Did you know that you can Shazam a song (let it "listen" and it will give you the artist and title of the song)... but even better, it will give you the lyrics in real time so you can sing along??? Mind blowing!
--- 6 ---
I went down a road I've never been on before... I'm calorie counting. Of course, I just went out for Chinese for lunch... and I'm not really interested in thinking about those calories... but I'm here to report that just like everyone says: it works. But I'm also here to report that it's absolutely downright depressing how *few* calories we need to consume daily. My favorite homemade cookies--any of them. Chocolate, cream cheese, etc. None of them fit into a calorie counting day when you're eating well to provide for a nursing baby. Le sigh.
--- 7 ---
In the world of mothering, sometimes childhood songs just pop in my head... Here's a doozy for you... Aunt Laurie, do you remember singing this in the van with hand motions??? What a crazy song... LOL. Goon?!? I honestly looked it up to see if the world remembered it exactly like I did... which is crazy. Little Bunny Foo Foo. How ridiculous! And silly. And fun. Thanks for loving us, Aunt Laurie! Car rides with you were always fun. (Especially when we pretended to be on a rollercoaster ride sitting with Rob's walker in front of us.) :)

Happy Friday!

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