Friday, June 19, 2020

Take 341

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
In case you missed it... I shared my thoughts here on recent events in the US. Thanks for listening, and thanks for joining me in our regularly scheduled post of the trite and ridiculous.
--- 2 ---
In Germany, if you're an American who needs to update their passport (or just get one--like our baby), you have to go to Berlin. It's a 3 to 4.5 hour drive or 2.5 hours by train. Our first trip to the Embassy in Berlin was when we had two kids and we took the train. We left the house before 6 am and returned after 9 pm... with two kids who had to be peeled out of their car seats. We were thoroughly exhausted. 

This time, we drove. We woke at 3:15 in the morning and returned by 3 pm... spending almost 8 hours in the car. Hilariously, the kids bounced back juust fine. We, on the other hand, again, were thoroughly exhausted. But it's done! 

Highlight of the day: Scoring a little bit of time at this awesome park:

Other highlight of the day: When Papa confused the kids croissants with ours and we got the Nutella filled ones... HAH. (YES!)
--- 3 ---
For a fresh side dish, I liked this pasta recipe. (I don't recommend fresh garlic. Next time we'll use garlic powder.)
--- 4 ---
We learned a new word: Preponed. As in... the opposite of postponed. *Shock and awe* Seriously! This word exists! It's from Indian English and Miriam Webster has categorized it as "Words we're watching". Brian and I had to travel all the way to Germany to come across a word that means to move a deadline forward... and Yes. The first time this ever happened to us was with the German government... because yes. They created a deadline... and then moved it forward. LOL. #WhoDoesThat
--- 5 ---
I went to the grocery store this week and realized... this is a really rough year for the lipstick industry. I've used lipstick once since March. Once. #Masked
--- 6 ---
It is, however, a fantastic year for resin. I had never heard of resin before the pandemic... Now every other suggested video on Facebook for me is some ridiculous resin project. I'm genuinely curious how hard it is to work with. 
--- 7 ---
Happy last day of Spring

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