Friday, May 08, 2020

Take 389

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
This week Brian had a birthday! Happy Birthday, Brian! Thank you for taking me on our first date for your birthday as boyfriend and girlfriend 9 years ago! Chicago, church at Holy Name, a Cubs game, and Ruth's Chris steakhouse made for an amazing day together and I was so excited for what I hoped was to come... little did I know it would lead us to Germany with three beautiful children! I love life with you!

--- 2 ---
Last week we attended church in Glasgow online... and yes. It was hard to understand the priest... HOWEVER! I think we should all say "Holy Spirit" like we're from Scotland. Seriously. It's amazing.
--- 3 ---
I didn't know it, but check out this bush that looks like an orange spirea:
White spirea is my favorite bush... but I have never seen it in orange! Anybody know what kind of bush this *actually* is???
--- 4 ---
Grocery shopping goals of quarantine: Find any food that's not the same as what we all feel like we've been eating for 8 weeks. Does anyone else feel like this?? I bought some weird peanut flavored puff snack for the kids because who even wants to see any more bland pretzels? Not us.
--- 5 ---
We bought a Sam the Sheep clock for our kids. And suddenly, no one is asking me when it's morning time, meanwhile waking the baby... and it's amazing. 
--- 6 ---
Have you sung, "You are my sunshine" to your child recently? Have you looked up the lyrics? Goodness gracious it's almost as bad as the baby rockabye-ing and then falling out of the treetops... why? Why do we sing these things to our babies??
--- 7 ---
I'm almost 3 months post partum. I'm doing fine. But my carpal tunnel is out of control, I have this weird recurring side stitch in my ribs, and my neck is tighter than tight... and this is all while doing ab workouts and my physical therapy almost daily. So, I stopped. I stopped everything I was doing and I'm going to spend all of May doing yoga. Instead of trying to fix "problems" like my belly and carpal tunnel, I'm going for a goal of whole body health. Start my planks, downward facing dogs, and all of it to get my core and spine back in check and see if I can't jump start feeling a bit better. Wish me luck!

Happy Friday! 
(I did it! It's Friday! Lol.)

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