Sunday, May 03, 2020

Take 388

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Last weekend we drove to downtown Hamburg. Nothing major as far as family activities go... we just loaded up, drove, enjoyed the beautiful weather... and were even able to take a 10 minute/4 block walk. It was so unbelievably life-giving. 
--- 2 ---
I think we've all noticed (thanks, quarantine) how beautifully spring is budding. I will admit that while it's fun to see it up-close and personal with family walks, I got really hit with it's beauty while driving. To see the trees filling up with light green leaves is just intoxicating.
--- 3 ---
Have any of you seen this concept of a rocking garlic press? I totally want one.
--- 4 ---
Speaking of kitchen tools... I took my knife set kitchen shears out of the kitchen to cut something in the yard. Like usual, I heard my overly protective self saying: You shouldn't take it outside. It belongs in the kitchen.

Sure enough... that's the last time I saw those kitchen shears. It's been an incident that I just can't shake. I feel so annoyed and guilty about it... I even dreamt I found them! LOL. In the process of writing this post, I looked up our set. It's this one--minus the shears--and God bless whoever bought those for us for our wedding! #amazinggenerosity
--- 5 ---
We enjoyed a good laugh this week as we sized our kids on the regular dining chairs (they currently sit in Tripp Trapp chairs) and said to ourselves... we can transition soon, but we might need a phone book. *Insert cackle here* Then one of us laughed even harder when the question "What's a phonebook?" was explained with the opening question, "Well, you know the Bible?" LOL. I really did only mean to relate the two because of the thinness of pages! But you know... All the 1980s feels. Hooray.
--- 6 ---
We watched Pinocchio with the kids this week... Pardon my French, because I'll be using it in the literal sense... but have you stopped to think about the fact that Pinocchio becomes a cigar-smoking jackass in that movie? LOL. Yes, he literally does.
--- 7 ---
5 Stars for Flickr: I got locked out of my account a long time ago, but just started receiving a lot of spam contacts/messages and wanted to get in to shut it down because I don't use it anymore... Not only did their support team contact me in good timing, they were clear with the solution, I proved I was me, they deleted the proof from their server, and I've gained access. Dear Gmail, go to the school of Flickr. I have been unsuccessful in gaining access to my maiden name email account for years... with never a response. 

...Now all I need to do is confirm I have all the photos from Flickr in my external hard drive... and then figure out how to delete everything and deactivate the account... My digital life can be so annoying to maintain. Hopefully I'm not the only one!

Happy Sunday! *eyeroll* LOL.

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