Friday, May 15, 2020

Take 340

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
I've been slowly deep cleaning my kitchen since April... one job here and there... and I decided to start at the top. The top of the cabinets, to be exact. And yes, it's been 2.5 years and the amount of dust settled on grime was... unspeakable. I battled and scrubbed and had mild success... UNTIL! 
Baking soda. Folks. That abrasive is real. And it works. So happy about it! (Note that the "before" side in this photo is *after* I scrubbed with another cleaner and scratch pad.)
--- 2 ---
We're still at home. All the shops are open here, but nothing practical has really changed here... except for my ever-increasing desire for a haircut. We have, however, reached the Christmas movie season of the pandemic. I caved and said yes to The Grinch this week because... WHY NOT. and WHO CARES. and would you like a candy cane with it? (Sorry, I don't have any.)
--- 3 ---
I got around to trying this cauliflower recipe... which was essentially cauliflower dressed up as mac'n'cheese. It was awesome.
--- 4 ---
The never-ending drama of the Reminders app update: the "Egg Heads" (not my words!) in California are aware of the iCloud syncing issue... and there's nothing more I can really do except delete all of my completed reminders... Guys. I had 9,821 completed reminders bogging up my system... the first one was completed on August 30, 2012. If the Reminders were spread evenly (which they weren't), that's 1,227 per year, 102 per month, and roughly 3.4 reminders per day. LOL. Those stats aren't as crazy as I thought, given that I had 17 daily reminders in the system when it finally blew up and broke.
--- 5 ---
In the meantime, I've decided enough is enough. I'm trying to stop stressing. (Which is my natural state of rest.) And this is the year, if there ever was one, to stop stressing. Because everything is on hold. I have no job. If it's not done today, it can happen tomorrow. We'll be here. 

So, I started using paper. And it transformed my stress levels. When I sit down to nurse the baby, my phone isn't dinging or showing me all my uncompleted tasks from the past 3 days when I try to connect with my baby. My paper is on the table. And when I get a chance to look at it and pick something to do, I'll see it then. 

And after 2 weeks of this I'm happy to report: nothing exploded. All the important things happened. And I didn't do it all. And frankly, that's just fine. 

--- 6 ---
Check out this cool Terraplanter. I'm not one to invest in start-ups... but that is super cool. 
--- 7 ---
Have any of you discovered Make Me a Cocktail .com? You can enter in your whole liquor cabinet and see all the cocktails you can make! So cool. Tonight, we tried a new cocktail: Queen Elizabeth. And it was delicious! 

Happy Quarantine! LOL.

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