Saturday, April 25, 2020

Take 387

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
I just finished the first of the Maisie Dobbs series as an audio book and then dove into the second audio book... except the reader was different. There was something sweet and charming about the reader's interpretation of Book 1... And the reader from Book 2 is just as much something... except this time it's tone, sass, and a verbal side eye. It's so strikingly different!
--- 2 ---
I watched this video of Jimmy Kimmel cooking for his kids. Two things blew my mind: 

1. He tilts the pan on it's side to "roast" his garlic cloves in oil over heat.
2. He puts a food processor wand inside of a can... because it fits! This is mind blowing.
--- 3 ---
More news from Disney+: The mother from Tangled is way too much like Cher. Am I wrong?!
--- 4 ---
Also, the premise of this movie is all about a girl who's quarantined... whose mother tells her not to ever leave her tower... She finally leaves, and ends up running down a ravine with the broken dam full of water rushing at her... until she gets trapped inside of a small cave and it looks like she's going to drown... My child's eyes get big and says, "SEE! This is why you STAY HOME!" 

LOL. #QuarantineLife
--- 5 ---
We got a new stroller! It's a fascinating thing to decide what to buy with your third child... but we've never owned a quality umbrella stroller, and since we've only got one kid in the stroller these days, it's been on my wish list to buy a MacLaren. We found an older model on eBay and it's perfect... at least for my height. It's light, turns quickly, and reclines. The city stroller we always wanted and never really had. And now that walking is our only escape from home... it's worth its weight in gold!
--- 6 ---
Do you know what peppercorn plants look like? This. SO COOL! I had no idea.
--- 7 ---
We've experienced new levels of freedom and ease in our yard because Papa and the kids took this mess:
created new shelves out of discarded supplies, and organized our shed... SO much happiness!

Happy Saturday!

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