Saturday, April 04, 2020

Take 385

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Friday is decidedly gone. This week felt long with some emotional exhaustion mixed in with a side of pretty good weather--we'll take it all: the good and the bad. And of course, continually thankful for good health.
--- 2 ---
We had our spring time change this week. It's usually a few weeks after whenever the US has it, and I'll admit that I enjoyed having some morning time back to myself. The kids have been inching their wake-up times earlier and earlier because they're less exhausted without Kita life... but thanks to the time change, I finally had a few mornings this week with coffee and prayer alone (or with a quiet, non-verbal baby). This is my happy place.
--- 3 ---
I don't know if you're reaching for some encouragement, but I enjoyed reading through this post by Auntie Leila. It's not rocket science, but it's fun to remember the basics when we're gearing up for our 4th week all at home together. #WeGonnaMakeIt
--- 4 ---
One highlight this week was the big Disney + release in Germany... We signed up and paid for that service happily... what with our new home life. It's pretty stunning how many movies and classics are available.
--- 5 ---
I won't bore you with a bunch of movie quotes, but I did nearly snort and spit out my drink when I watched Captain Hook say, "A jealous female can be tricked into anything". #1953 #SayWhat 

...I hate to admit it, but it does bring up a question about how to share our love for old movies and media that is... well, degrading toward women, racist, and well, probably other things, too.
--- 6 ---
One great activity for us this week was getting around to planting some of our seeds. I'm keeping it basic for now and put kale seeds in a seed-starter tray, and then planted a basil and mint plant that were purchased from the grocery store. But one highlight that I just have to share is that our rosemary is just amazing. I cut it back considerably in the fall and it's gifting us with all new growth this spring. So wild.

--- 7 ---
I hope you're headed toward a fun weekend! We've got some video chats on the docket, sunny weather in the mid-60s tomorrow and some homemade pizza... Wishing you all another lovely day at home ;)

Happy Saturday!

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