Friday, March 27, 2020

Take 384

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
How was your week? Did you survive? I took a little hit in the health department (not Corona!), and want to give a major shout-out to my husband for taking on more of the home front work with the kids for the past days. It turns out that my postpartum body does actually have limits. And just like all of you parents out there, there's simply more work to do at home these days... But Brian also bought tulips... so at least there's that.

--- 2 ---
Have you been out in public? I went to the post office this week and it was amazingly accurate in following recommendations on 6 feet social distancing and sharing absolutely no germs. As a side note, I've always been really bad at estimating distances... so I just simply imagine a 6-foot Brian laying down between me and that stranger. Which always makes me kind of giggle.
--- 3 ---
I did it! I cured my own corned beef. Sure, it was slightly out of necessity because we bought a beautiful, really nice piece of beef... for St. Patrick's Day... and I wanted *corned* beef. And that means cured. Thanks to last-minute shopping and corona virus, I never did fine pink curing salt... but that's ok. (That's the ingredient that makes the meat pink--and we cared more about the flavor.) And YES! It did indeed taste like American corned beef.

And now that I went through the stress of the first try, I'm excited to try it again. I used a few websites to pull together something that worked--but I found this page and this page helpful. And crazy--yes. You can brine lots of kinds of meat... Tempted to try!  
--- 4 ---
In other St. Patrick's Day news, I made (per our usual), my Grandma's Irish Soda Bread recipe. Did you know that this bread is supposed to have currants? I always add raisins because #toomuch. So! Here's the answer to how they're different--which I never knew before.

Side note: golden raisins are called Sultanas. Who knew?! That is a truly interesting page. And since you're not in school right now, take a look and learn! :) LOL.
--- 5 ---
A new pet peeve of mine? Interactive children's youtube videos that ask kids to respond... and then leave no time for verbal responses... #GoWatchMr.Rogers #ComeBackBetter 
--- 6 ---
My amazing coworkers got me a start-of-maternity-leave gift: a subscription to Rosetta Stone for the year. What an awesome gift! I've been trying to buckle down and do my daily German lessons. I've already learned new things... like when you come to the second half of a sentence and start with the word "because" (viel), the verb goes at the end. Example: He went to bed, because he tired is. I'm going to learn a lot more about why my kids speak English the way they do this year. :) 

Do you remember when Rosetta Stone was a pack of CDs sold at the kiosks in malls to really rich people? #OLD
--- 7 ---
In Clancy news, we're officially at the stage where he's interested in watching mobiles and is starting to talk to them ever so slightly. Human beings are so amazing. Juuuust when you're going on 6 weeks of exhaustion and disjointed sleep, they start smiling at you, making more eye contact, and all over again, you fall deeply and madly in love. It's simply the best!

Happy Friday!

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