Saturday, March 21, 2020

Take 383

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Hello! Did you survive?? End of week one with all three kids at home... and I pulled some of my cookie dough out of the freezer... and had a martini last night. (But) We survived. We even had great moments of dancing in the living room. I'm so grateful to Brian coming home early each day to get us through the witching hour(s)... because the baby... ahem. celebrates the witching hour(s).
--- 2 ---
This week worked largely because I decided to shower before Brian left for work. Showering is the one thing I really can't do easily with all three kids home and no back-up. So, it's worked pretty well. If all else fails: I've showered. And that makes a huge difference.
--- 3 ---
I tried a new granola recipe this week and we're all quite pleased. Actual clusters. Of course, being told to "Add my favorite granola ingredients" is a little too much freedom for me. #GiveMeIngredients #GiveMeMeasurements #OrGiveMeDeath 
--- 4 ---
Are you a Sriracha household? We're highly committed here. And no, we don't love no knock-offs. We did finally find a way to buy it here on Amazon, but over the past year I've watched as the price increased... 6.50 ... to 7 ... to 8 ... and then last month it went up to 9  per bottle. Do we stay committed? What do we do!? Well, I left that puppy in the cart, hoping for price movement in the opposite direction... and then last week it happened: 

3.59 € per bottle. 
9 bottles left in stock. 
I bought 'em all. And we saved bank.
--- 5 ---
Just like some people claimed that being home full time would have no effect on their ability to stay on top of laundry and other household things... I have been home a week and still have a long list of Thank You cards to write... But I'd like to argue that I went from having lots of time (maternity leave with one child) to a stay-at-home-mom of 3... so I'm claiming that excuse.
--- 6 ---
We've got this weekend in Germany to prove that we can #SocialDistancing without a government order... but tomorrow they decide whether to give a government order (due to bad behavior this weekend) or not. So, we got our take-out pizza last night to celebrate the likelihood of not be able to order any food over the next couple of weeks. #Calzone 
--- 7 ---
I'm guessing we all feel a little this way... but I'm not quite sure what else to say other than all the stuff around  COVID-19. Brian wins for stocking up on a few extra toilet paper rolls a few weeks ago... because we'll be out by Tuesday and cracking open the storehouse. (I promise we didn't take too much!) I'm feeling the non-homeschooling-family reality that we simply don't have enough "activities" to do here. We need more chalk, watercolor paper, and probably a lot more ideas... #FIVEWEEKS #atleast

But, in the midst of it, I appreciate everyone who is saying that this pandemic is not the opportunity to totally reinvent yourself. Be OK with needing extra love, extra space and stop trying to reinvent yourself. It's OK to be stressed. Take care of yourself. And good on you if you can reinvent yourself! I say all power to ya!

Happy Saturday!

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