Saturday, March 07, 2020

Take 381

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
I hope you don't mind that I've basically decided that I can't make postpartum blogging commitments... at least not until I'm ready... and who knows when that will be. So, happy Saturday :) And, I missed you last week! Hope you've been well.
--- 2 ---
In the cooking and kitchen realm, I learned this month about maispoularde. I bought maispoularde because it was the only whole chicken available at Lidl... and then I freaked out that maybe I bought a corn-stuffed chicken... but I didn't:

This delicious guinea fowl poularde (or fattened hen) has a tender, tasty meat and is raised in the Dombes (Bresse) department for a hundred and ten days in grass runs and fed on natural vegetable feeds (including corn) and minerals.
--- 3 ---
Speaking of cooking, Baby C is 3 weeks old and we've plowed through all of my frozen crockpot meals... and I'm ready to report: we've owned an off-brand crockpot for 7.5 years... when we replaced it, I bought a name-brand Crockpot. And it's WAY better. It's the first time the pulled pork is actually soft and shreddable. I'm amazed.
--- 4 ---
My Mom has gone home... *all the sadness* We have been so grateful for all her help and love over the past 3 weeks... it's been by far the smoothest postpartum adjustment I've ever had... much thanks to her. Somehow, I will need to remember how to wash dishes, empty the dishwasher, and wipe down the table... I've done basically none of these tasks for 3 weeks now. (And, do all these things while still being loving and patient.) #MamaTrueLove
--- 5 ---
My Mom and I have created a fun routine of daily grocery shopping on foot. And yes, I do feel more European. It's really helpful to get the fresh air, meal planning is less stressful because I know I'll go back in 24 hours if we're missing something... and now I just need to conquer budgeting on the new lifestyle. LOL. BUT! As long as I'm going to Lidl... I'm not too worried... because everything is budget-friendly anyway.
--- 6 ---
My Mom brought Girl Scout Cookies with her! I'm pretty sure that I consumed 3/4 of all of the cookies... careful to make sure my kids got to taste them for the first time... Hah. 

So, the question is: Did you see Justin Timberlake's survey on Instagram??? Thin Mints vs. Samoas. Guys. 714 THOUSAND votes for Samoas. Only 20 thousand for Thin Mints.

BUT! Here's my question: why do coconut, chocolate and caramel work so well together?! What even IS that?! I would never combine these flavors in a homemade cookie... BUT IT WORKS. #Genius.
--- 7 ---
I bought new glasses! And I like them :) Oh, and I bought sunglasses! Bring on spring and summer! 

Happy Saturday!

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