Saturday, February 22, 2020

Take 380

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
We did it! Clancy Walter has arrived and boy are we grateful! The snuggles are never-ending... (just like the nursing). He's a dream baby.
Yes, I'll get around to the birth story... but not today. I'm still nursing every 90 minutes. #Busy Oh, and he's our darkest haired baby, yet!
--- 2 ---
My Mama is here! She has already done an amazing job of getting our household chores up-to-date and the kids are all over-the-moon to have her here--just like us!

--- 3 ---
We celebrated our anniversary this week! Of course, being so freshly postpartum, our anniversary was so lucky to be celebrated all day together... Brian left the best gift of the summary of each year of our marriage... and I can't tell you how grateful I am for the reminder of the adventure that each of these years has brought to us... Brian, I'm so happy to be in this with you! You're the most amazing husband.
--- 4 ---
It seems unfair to move to such mundane items... but that is the nature of this blog, no? Random. That's what we do here. 
Random... like beef chips. Vegan beef chips.
--- 5 ---
Random... like did you know the real estate agent in The Office that Michael briefly dated is his wife in real life? Say what??
--- 6 ---
The last to-do list items that I accomplished the evening before the baby came at 2 am was to patch a hole in my sweater and resew a button on a pair of pants... Thanks, Anne, for sharing this article. I think it's a bit severe, but I enjoyed the encouragement to continue "making do" with whatever we have--even if it takes a little work.
--- 7 ---
Do you have one of these corner kitchen cabinets? Impossible to fill without losing things in the back? I spent a whole afternoon researching how to do this cabinet of ours better... It was filled with all of my baking items... with the spicy red dots always lost in the back... 

The results of my research? Remove those shelves and buy better ones that pull all the way out... like these. Not exactly the "help" I was looking for. But then, I realized I should actually just fill those cabinets with random baking dishes that I use 3x per year... and all the regular baking supplies were moved to a regular, extra-deep pull out drawer... and it was life-changing! 
It's not pretty... but nothing is lost and everything is reachable. #success

Happy postpartum "Friday"! Happy Saturday.

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