Friday, January 31, 2020

Take 378

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Another birthday... another cake
Grey was a new palette to work with... I've never purchased black food dye before, but it worked out alright!
--- 2 ---
In other news, I'm officially 35 and I'm a big fan of making a big cake and having leftovers for my birthday (4 days later). This is really the best. 

Thank you for all your birthday wishes! I really lived up my maternity leave day by not having a baby, taking 2 separate naps, and going on a lunch date with my husband. I even ate onion rings. Talk about the perfect day!
--- 3 ---
What is with all of those "Make a cake" professional baker videos where they spray simple syrup in the layers of cake??? Here are the details... seems to me like those professionals made a not-great-cake and are trying to fix it... how... unprofessional?
--- 4 ---
In other baking news... YOU GUYS. An actual box of baking soda in Deutschland!!!! SAY WHAT?!
--- 5 ---
I've been not doing a weekly menu planning routine for a month, now... And I have never in my whole marriage run out of so many groceries... or had so little of an idea of whether I'm staying in budget... LOL. It's been a fun experiment, but it's been pretty far from an organized kitchen supply month. 

Ooooon the other hand, I kind of love shopping for 1 or 2 bags of groceries. The physical work of bagging my own groceries (a German norm) is much decreased... and I love that.
--- 6 ---
I saw an advertisement on Instagram this week for cleaning products that are sold in tablets that you drop into a water bottle... #Green #Smart. Check it out.
--- 7 ---
Have any of you seen The Great Hack on Netflix, yet? Goodness gracious it's sobering. All that online data. All those ignored "I accept" messages. A market that is more valuable than oil. Your data. Your face. Your information. ACK. 

Sincerely, a blogger from a totally public page. LOL. Time to be critical thinkers. Especially those of us with children. 

Happy Friday!

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