Friday, January 24, 2020

Take 377

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Another week in the life of a woman growing wider and nesting. Am I boring you, yet? This week's episode is absolutely not Marie Kondo approved. I literally reorganized my junk drawer in our kitchen. Marie would've said something along the lines of thank it and throw it away... but alas... my name is still Mary, not Marie.
And yes. I know it will only last a week. :)
--- 2 ---
This week, I discovered that musicians in Germany play the chord of H. Did you have any idea??
--- 3 ---
The "January blues" have hit the social media jokes... but in our house that means we are just getting to birthday season... that's right... 2 coming up and one more in the works. We're not wallowing, here, we're gettin' ready to party! ;) Bad weather and all.
--- 4 ---
I've learned that the best way to prep for a birthday cake that's at all intricate is to make the cake early. So, today I made our favorite chocolate sheet cake and no, I can't freeze it (Ahem Europe... not enough space), but it's in the fridge and tomorrow is frosting day and the next day is decorating day. That's right. 3 days to make a cake. haha. Now we know I'm crazy.
--- 5 ---
Reading anything good lately? I'm making my way through One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, again... (Well, the first time was the audio book version.) It's an easy read and a great reminder to see the good in what we've been given... and even to give thanks during trials. I thought it would be a good thing to kick off 2020, and I'm glad I'm doing it. 
--- 6 ---
I succeeded in totally filling our freezer with one lasagna and 4 other defrostable/crockpot meals... which left me not exactly in the mood to cook dinner tonight. I splurged a 4 euro bag of combined fries and fish sticks... and you know what? I kinda liked it. And most importantly? I didn't actually cook. and no one complained. #FridayatitsBest #JustAddKetchup
--- 7 ---
The Super Bowl is always a difficult thing for a European calendar... It starts at 12:30 am... on a Monday. So, I've thought about it and the only way I'll be tuning in will be the baby's synchronized arrival... Wanna watch the Super Bowl, kiddo??

Happy Friday!

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