Friday, January 10, 2020

Take 375

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
I just had to drop this link here... I love New York. I love The City. And when I say "The City", it means only one place in the world. And it has the best pizza in all of the world. And yes, I love New Yorkers. (Especially my family.) And no, I didn't read the whole article... but just enough to make me smile, laugh, and deeply miss banter at Christmastime with my extended family. 
--- 2 ---
Speaking of New York... I was mesmorized by a version of "New York New York" on an episode of The Morning Show and Shazam totally failed me. It told me it was sung by someone named Daisy Dash... and I just wasted too many minutes to mention trying to find the recording of it... Turns out it was apparently Billie Eilish... and you can hear it here (lifted from the show).

I was totally unsuccessful in finding an official recording of it.
--- 3 ---
After individually dipping about 50 veggie sticks, I swore off this recipe... until we tasted it. So, without further ado, I give you a new loved veggie in our house: Panko Veggie Fries. Next time I make them, I'll try a "Shake 'n' Bake" method with ziplock bags to see if I can't make the process a bit easier... but it was good. Very good.
--- 4 ---
We've searched high and low and ended up buying a new car seat all the way from California in order to attempt to fit one car seat, one high-backed booster, and one infant car seat in the back of our car. Fingers crossed that the new infant carseat we purchased gets installed smoothly this weekend! LOL. #3rdBabyProblems
--- 5 ---
Guys, I have to tell you about waffle cookies like these. These ones say there's Syrup on the inside, but we bought a pack with caramel on the inside... and they were gone. Very quickly. They're satisfyingly chewy (not hard waffle) and sooo good.
--- 6 ---
Just finished The Crown Season 3. I certainly won't spoil it for you, but let's just say I had a lot less fun this season... and I think it's because I simply don't like them. It's cold. The people are cruel. Maybe it's real life? Maybe it's not. But man. The Queen. *Shiver*
--- 7 ---
Hopefully you had a great week! This week I organized our laundry room, our "stuff room" (basically where our clothes/stuff live), and the main storage closet. I also sorted through hand-me-downs for G, refilled our salt shakers, and oh yeah! I ironed our bed skirt for the first time since we received it in 2012. Should I be ashamed? No. I'm going to be proud. Gotta start somewhere! ;)

Happy Friday!

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