Friday, December 20, 2019

Take 372

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
I know there's a spiritual lesson somewhere in there, but thinking and praying about patience during Advent this year was hilariously coupled with a confident check on December 14 to see if Santa had visited yet. #Nope #Hehadn't #GiveUsMorePatience
--- 2 ---
Last week we made it downtown to the big Weihnachtsmarkt... a favorite of mine. This year was even easier this year with everyone getting older... #WaitforBabyNextYear
--- 3 ---
Do you watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel? It's a show I'm enjoying Season 3 of... but I just have to say that the exercise classes in this show for the women are seriously to die for. I mean, come on. Don't tell me you would have a little bit of fun with some of those ridiculous moves.
--- 4 ---
I made refried black beans this week for the first time. I'll admit that the final product wasn't mashed or creamy enough for my tastes... but it was the start of something good. I loved refried beans, and they've been unavailable at the stores for 3 weeks straight now... (It's not a typical food here.) Anyone have a favorite recipe to recommend?
--- 5 ---
You guys. I can't even remember what it was like to have the energy to do what I did with last year's cookie extravaganza
I made all of these cookies. Before flying to the US for Christmas. I ain't goin' no where this year for Christmas and I've made one batch of cookies. I attempted peanut butter blossoms... and I #pregnancybrained it and put it butter instead of peanut butter. I wanted to show you how pathetic these cookies looked, all flat and not holding their shape... but I #pregnancybrained again and forgot to take the photo before they were all eaten. At least they were good enough to eat and share with friends.
--- 6 ---
Speaking of pregnant, I found myself explaining The Little Drummer Boy to my kids this morning on the way to school, talking about how we can offer our gifts to Jesus, no matter what those gifts are, and that having money doesn't matter. Yup. I started crying. Like, had to stop talking. LOL. My poor kids.
--- 7 ---
Reporting from in front of Home Alone 2... Hope you enjoy a few Christmas movies yourself this weekend and that you're headed into a lovely holiday season... 

Happy Friday!

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