Friday, December 06, 2019

Take 370

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Reporting back from real life after a lovely week of vacation in Ireland. We met Brian, Beth, and Mairin and enjoyed a week of slow-paced life and Thanksgiving together. So thankful!
--- 2 ---
And now? Happy Advent! St. Nikolaus has visited both our home and the kids' school today. The advent wreath was sloppily put together by this pregnant lady and no one even cares about it's instability. We got a tree and put lights on it, which was plenty of activity for one weekend thank-you-very-much. 
--- 3 ---
We could not even contain our laughter as we kicked-off the first week of Advent with our kids getting to enjoy Children's Liturgy... (not a weekly occurrence)... where they were taught about St. Barbara... Seriously though... check it out. Authenticity of her story questioned. She was locked in a tower by her father. Attempted to be killed by her father when she declared herself Christian. Eventually beheaded by her father. Who was then struck by lightening. Oh my. Happy first week of Advent... where Advent wasn't even discussed.

--- 4 ---
Anywho. Moving along. We just passed my one year anniversary of beginning physical therapy for my carpal tunnel. I'm 30 weeks pregnant and having zero carpal tunnel pain which is a complete miracle. I cannot tell you how grateful I am. My last two pregnancies were carpal tunnel nightmares.
--- 5 ---
As we approach Christmas, I wanted to reshare the most famous kids' Christmas song here: Weihnachtsb√§kerei This song is sung far and wide... and in every corner of our house.
--- 6 ---
Are you planning to carol this year? Sing with friends? Check out our friend Jeremy's awesome site with easy-to-access lyrics. Nice job, Jeremy!  
--- 7 ---
Hoping you're off to a fun weekend! I'm grateful for the weekend's arrival and counting down to my last two weeks of work before my maternity leave... for 13 months. #Who'scounting #IAM 

Happy Friday!

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