Friday, November 29, 2019

Take 369

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Happy Thanksgiving! We were so happy to be able to gather with family and friends around a table chock-full of food, very similar to the American tradition, but not on American soil. 
--- 2 ---
This year we went with a dinner-time Thanksgiving dinner... which has never been my norm, but it was actually quite delightful to cook between 10:30 and 2... and then put my feet up for the afternoon parade (European time). That was quite delightful. (No 6 am wake-up to get everything in the oven in succession before a 1 pm dinner.) 
--- 3 ---
We have a lot to be thankful for this year--and I've been reflecting on all of it as we close in on my maternity leave. We're so thankful for this third baby, our life in Hamburg, our family and friends, and so much more. Even on difficult days, it's hard not to have the good things directly in front of our noses.
--- 4 ---
Did anyone else notice that one of the readings of the Catholic church this week was this one from Daniel? Nothing like a reminder that we will be noble and wise when we eat vegetarian and not from the rich table of the king during Thanksgiving week... LOL. I couldn't help but giggle loudly.
--- 5 ---
To all of those die-hard sports fans who cannot help but watch every game--no matter how good or bad it looks... please enjoy this article. Sent to me by my husband and yes... I loved it.
--- 6 ---
Brian came home last week from another trip to China--this one was only 6 days, thankfully. He got some wonderful tea on this trip and started to describe what a Chinese tea ceremony was like... by saying it was like, "sitting around a poker table". 

I about died.
--- 7 ---
Speaking of dying... We did another classic Thanksgiving activity and saw a movie... Frozen 2. Without spoiling anything... I found the ballad to be... extremely hilarious and oh-so-amazing. Our kids enjoyed it, but I will say that it's PG for a reason--quite scary. In any case... 

Happy Black Friday! Hope your day is quiet and filled with delicious leftovers!

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