Friday, November 22, 2019

Take 368

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Three cheers for my most amazing husband. On Thursday evening last week, he informed me that he had a babysitter lined up and reservations for us to have a date night out. The restaurant was called Hygge and yes, it was overflowing with raw wood, a fireplace right next to our table, and blankets and cozy seats. All amazing.

And I ate house-made pasta with a truffle cream sauce. #NoComplaints #TheCompanyWasEvenBetter
--- 2 ---
I was astounded by this article because let's face it: This guy made a huge discovery... all because he was really good at detail work, proofreading and catching a mistake. Amazing. 
--- 3 ---
Have you read Little Women as an adult? I never read it as a child (but watched the 1990s movie approximately 1.7 million times), but was floored by some of the same things as the woman who helped create the new version. The March women were radical. And Marmee was absolutely an amazing, strong woman.
--- 4 ---
Looking for a breakfast treat this week that you can make in advance? Take my advice: make New York Crumb Cake on Tuesday and let it sit for 2 days. Thanksgiving morning it'll be perfect with coffee. I was "fine" with this after baked... but it blew my mind on day 3 with how moist and wonderful it was.
--- 5 ---
In other baking news, I bought my first set of Silicone Cupcake Liners and so far, I'm really pleased. And yes, I did google "Tricks for washing silicone cupcake liners" and found a very basic and helpful youtube video. LOL. I'll get the hang of it... someday.
--- 6 ---
According to conventional office-shared wisdom, parents are required to offer a room to their child up to the age of 27 in Germany. Yeah. Go ahead and read that again. #SayWhat
--- 7 ---
Hopefully you're getting excited for American Thanksgiving! I know we are. Of course, as a third trimester pregnant woman, I definitely have not prepped this year like I have in years' past... but I'm looking forward to a good, juicy turkey. And the Macy's Day Parade, of course.

Happy Friday! 

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