Friday, November 15, 2019

Take 367

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
There are a lot of things that I've had a hard time with during this pregnancy... my brain being a major issue on more than a few occasions. I'd like to let you in on the fact that I, in my 4th month of pregnancy, cut a whole 100 Quick Take posts off of my count. That's right, in August, I was at Take 353... the very next week I had downgraded to 254 Takes. Yeah. Pregnancy Brain strikes again. 

I'm honestly torn a little on whether to fix it. LOL.
--- 2 ---
Last week, I got to go on retreat! It was absolutely wonderful to get away, take walks on a beautiful property, meet some lovely women, listen to good talks, spend time in prayer, and come home refreshed. It was good timing, too. I've got a whopping 4 weeks of work left before my maternity leave starts, and yes. I'm actually really physically tired these days and this Tuesday marks Trimester 3 for me, so I'm looking at my last 4 weeks of work like a mini-finish-line. (The other one being pushing the baby out... but ya know.)
--- 3 ---
I may be the only American in the history of the world to visit Ireland for the first time and drink not one beer. I think I need a t-shirt. LOL. (A maternity sized one?)

(For the record, I'm not opposed to a beer while pregnant... I just simply wasn't offered one. #Retreat)
--- 4 ---
I absolutely loved to hear the disdain on the lips of the women of Ireland in regard to American bacon. Guys. The hatred was seeping. I can't wait to get some authentic Irish bacon on my next visit... because apparently I don't know a *thing* about proper bacon. 
--- 5 ---
You know, we live really far away. Our community of friends is kind, but when you gear up to grow your family, it's easy to reminisce about the community surrounding you when you last birthed a baby... But let me tell you. My neighbors have been so unbelievably generous. I mean, look at this:
This is the pile of hand-me-downs that I got from friends was like the loaves and fishes--enough clothes to clothe our new baby for probably a year... plus 4 bags of clothes leftover! When I thanked one of the neighbors, her response was, "This is how it should always be." Amen.
--- 6 ---
Want to have your mind blown? Check out this silverware organizer. Right?!
--- 7 ---
I just finished reading The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd. Great read!

Happy Friday! 

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