Friday, October 25, 2019

Take 365

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Brian is home! 9.5 days on a business trip and everyone--especially me--is very glad to have him home. Which reminds me that I should do my part to research how all the pro-moms with regularly traveling husbands do this. It's an endurance test. 
--- 2 ---
I finally bit the bullet and bought a forehead thermometer. My kids don't quite get the "under the tongue" deal and now we have a thermometer that works both in the ear or scanning over the forehead. I feel like I need a masters degree to understand it. But, thankfully it's not just EU happy and gives me Fahrenheit when I ask. #WIN
--- 3 ---
I had my socks blown completely off this week as I watched my neighbor clean morning dew off of his side view mirrors of his car with a sponge on a handle. It looks like a scraper, but it's just a sponge that wipes away water off the mirrors. Guys. In a town like ours--it's hardly ever ice, but rains a LOT... and by the way is dark for many hours a day in the winter... it's totally genius.
--- 4 ---
Why does Pinterest only show me lists? I used to like scrolling through fun ideas for this topic or that category... now they all say "7 ways" or "Top 10 ideas" or "90 things to do..." Seriously people. I get attributing to an actual website... but those pins make Pinterest completely unusable in my humble opinion.
--- 5 ---
Ok: one more app pet peeve: Why can't I see instagram profile photos enlarged? That little circle is SO small. Am I getting old??
--- 6 ---
We've been enjoying Our Planet as a family. It's fun to watch high quality videos of the earth and learn something... This week I discovered Macarenia, a plant with pink blooms in fresh water rivers. It's beautiful.
--- 7 ---
The kids and I enjoyed the slow way home one day this week to take advantage of the beautiful weather. There's a road we can take home that is horse farms almost the whole drive... and it's beautiful. People, if you get Autumn where you are, don't miss it! It's gorgeous.

Happy Friday! 

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