Friday, October 18, 2019

Take 364

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
You guys! St. Patrick's Day is not a thing here in Germany. It's been 2.5 years since I've tasted corned beef & cabbage... because I couldn't find the meat. So I finally doubled down and did the research. It's actually the silverside cut of beef. That translates to the Tafelstück vom Rind here in Germany... AND YES. It's available! So seriously. Create my own "packet" of corned beef & cabbage seasoning and I'm about to have St. Patrick's Day in October. 
Forget Halloween. I'm going giddy over here.
--- 2 ---
There were two mornings in a row this autumn where it seemed like every bush and tree trunk and grass patch was covered in spider webs... and they were all glistening with a shiny layer of morning dew in the sunshine. 
Looks like there's not more, it's just that it's the season of mating and dying and the natural cycle of spider life. It was like being in a Halloween movie, though--so impressive!
--- 3 ---
With the new iOS for the iPhone, there's a "Today" view of all of my reminders. Now, it's worth noting that I live by my recurring reminders. I cannot tell you how mentally freeing and relaxing it is to not have to use the "Scheduled" view and see that all 45 of my reminders are coming at me... I can just see what's coming at me today. And it causes peace.

Thanks, Apple.
--- 4 ---
I told 3 people this week (proudly) that I was letting go and serving my kids frozen pizza. Turns out that doesn't exactly "translate" and they were confused by how my kids were going to eat pizza that was still frozen. LOL.
--- 5 ---
We have this slot in my car console that I've never noticed. But check it out:
It's literally just a slot. For... well, that's our library card. But maybe for tickets from a parking garage? Interesting. Note to self: dust my car.
--- 6 ---
There's a dog training company here called:

Trust Me Dog

I just can't take it. It makes me giggle every time. 
--- 7 ---
Planning travel? Thinking about Christmas? Budgeting for next summer? Another read this week from Anna Keating and lots to think about with travel. Oh, and one way to see the world? Move there. hah. 

Happy Friday! 

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