Friday, October 04, 2019

Take 362

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Mae came to visit! It is true that living so far from home can be hard, but I will say that having visitors is so much more special! It was a treat to have you here, Mae. 
Sorry for my hair, Mae. 
--- 2 ---
After two years of being shocked by "bank requirement" laws here in Germany, I discovered some paperless options! I'm eager to find out how many of our 6 mailings per month will count as "paperless" and if any will be left. Yay for less silly mail. Yay for the earth.
--- 3 ---
I received an email from baby center this week with the subject line:

Is pregnancy brain real? 

Turns out I don't have to read an article on that. I say things like, "There's a lot of freezer in our meat!" on the regular since this baby came on board. #ITREAL
--- 4 ---
Thanks to Zagorka, who commented on last week's blog, and informed me that I served my children inedible chestnuts last week. LOL. I got such a big laugh out of that! And sure enough, this week I saw actually edible chestnuts in Lidl... and yes. They looked different... Sorry kiddos.  
--- 5 ---
For all those, who like me, enjoy a good workout article, I give you a scientific 7-minute workout. Extra points if you try it. So far, I've only shared it here. :) 
--- 6 ---
Hats off to this genius Mom. Thanks for sharing this, Becca and Theresee. Got me a great laugh. 
--- 7 ---
Last but not least, please plan your trip to Hamburg. Brian and I found the best hamburgers in Hamburg--and no. It's not just the pregnancy talking. 

So I know you're looking at the biggest burger on the menu, but really, the one I ate (in the background) was to die for--creme fraiche and the most beautiful sautéed onions ever. 

Happy Friday! 

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