Saturday, September 28, 2019

Take 361

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
I've been planning and getting excited in my mind for The Lumineers coming to Hamburg. Then I realized it was next month! So I mentioned it to Brian--still up for going to the Lumineers concert?! And he gave me the devastating news: standing room only. Remember how I mentioned the compression stockings last week? SOB. I'm totally not in a position to go to a standing room only concert. SOB. Brian lovingly reminded me that I have not yet AGED out of standing room only concerts--it's just during the pregnancy. WHEW.
--- 2 ---
My niece and sister saw Joseph in concert last week. I haven't heard of them before, but fully enjoyed their Tiny Desk Series appearance from years ago. Those Tiny Desk Concerts are such a hidden gold mine.

Yes. They're also coming to Hamburg this year. Yes. Standing room only. *Eyeroll*
--- 3 ---
Kastanien season is upon us! The beautiful season where my children collect chestnuts and bring them home in droves. So, this week we thought we'd roast chestnuts. And it was beyond an epic fail. LOL
--- 4 ---
In the process, though, we enjoyed this tutorial video by someone in Pennsylvania and I got to expose my kids to a little bit of my past--living in Pittsburg for 4 years. It really did feel like I was back on Chestnut Ave. Hah! Yes, I lived on Chestnut Ave. 
--- 5 ---
I have some tragic news, guys. I broke my Apple Watch this week. And it' 200  to fix it. Oh my gosh. (7 months after the warrantee expired.) I've spent all week deciding how much I'd spend to have it fixed because it turns out... I don't know how to have an iPhone without an Apple Watch anymore. If I can't find my phone, I can't Ping it. If someone calls me and my phone is on silent (which it always is), I have no idea you called. I never see texts without my Apple Watch. Pretty much I've separated from my phone and I've had such a hard time this week. So, my goal in having an Apple Watch was achieved: more phone independence... but now I'm really up a creek and very dependent on my Apple Watch. SAD.

So now I'm watching eBay for a good deal... Sigh.
--- 6 ---
Why is it that as soon as you're pregnant it becomes socially acceptable to reintroduce bows to your clothing as a grown woman? It's so confusing. #PutaBowonit
--- 7 ---
Reading any good books lately? I'm making my way through The Invention of Wings. I've enjoyed it! Though, I'll admit that it's not a page-turner... so maybe I'll finish it by Christmas. LOL.

Happy Weekend! 

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  1. Zagorka2:31 AM

    I apologize if you already know it - but the chestnuts in the picture are Horse Chestnuts and are not edible. The other ones have a different form and in Germany are called Esskastanien or Maroni.
    A reader from Germany :-)