Friday, September 20, 2019

Take 360

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Last Friday we did a professional development day and got to spend an afternoon trying our hand at graffiti... It was fun! (and also hard!)
--- 2 ---
Football season is back in full swing and I'm already learning new rules. This week I learned that if the ball goes out-of-bounds on a kick off, the ball automatically goes to the 35 yard line. 7.5 years of marriage with football and I've never come across that one.
--- 3 ---
Speaking of football, I seriously can't believe that the players are calling their coaches upstairs on the same telephone we all had in 1985. Curly cord and all. It's really quite funny.
--- 4 ---
I get the privilege this pregnancy of trying out compression stockings... #ohjoy! So I have all the pregnancy joys and I have trouble getting these on and she lady says, "JEDEN-TAG" which means "EVERYDAY!" ... meaning I have now the task of doing a load of laundry daily just to wash my compression stockings... But at least I can basically cross "Laundry" off my weekend To Do List... because it's been happening all week.

And yes. I hate to admit it: but they super help.
--- 5 ---
Remember that scene from What Women Want when Mel Gibson tries to put on nylons? Yeah, man. I challenge you to compression stockings. (Google at your own hilarious risk.)
--- 6 ---
I passed a language school this week called "Speak Easy". I liked that.
--- 7 ---
We started reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this week and I have definitely never read it before! 3 chapters in and I'm really looking forward to reading the original version of a movie I've loved forever. #NotJohnnyDepp 

Happy Friday! 

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