Saturday, September 14, 2019

Take 359

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Hi! It's Saturday. I'd apologize, but I'm working on not apologizing for ridiculous things... like making a so-so dinner or not having the laundry up to speed. I will not apologize. I will just acknowledge it as "Yeah. Bummer." LOL.
--- 2 ---
As a child, we lived in Michigan for 8 years of my life. We often traveled from there to New York by car to visit family. Each trip, when we crossed the border into Ohio, my Dad would "car yell" 


and we would always respond, 


I think I was in my early twenties before I realized this had anything to do with football.
--- 3 ---
I've been enjoying reading on my Kindle again, but I noticed that if you read on the Kindle App on your iPhone, it shows you what most people have highlighted in the text as important. It's akin to reading a forward... don't tell me what to think-LOL. I can figure out what I think is important without your cues. #Ihope
--- 4 ---
I saw a shoe advertisement this week for a ballerina flat that has a "button on" bow on the toe... so that you can change out the "design" and "color" of the shoe with different pop-on bows and things. I'll admit that if I found a super comfortable ballerina flat, I'd want it to be interchangeable to go with all of my outfits.
--- 5 ---
It's funny to me that some words get taken over and I forget that they also have "regular" definitions... like hallmark and minions. Both of which I heard and read this week and giggled as I imaged greeting cards and little yellow people in completely the wrong context. 
--- 6 ---
I grew up calling all striped, stinging, flying things bees. I also grew up calling all black, stinging, flying things wasps. It took me moving to Germany and having a 5 year old to highlight this major piece of misinformation in my brain. Wasps are also striped. I'm feeling confident that there are at least 1,000 more pieces of information that I look forward to either learning or re-learning that qualify as elementary school curriculum.
--- 7 ---
I hope you had a great Friday! I enjoyed the start of my weekend with a lovely mother-daughter trip to our favorite coffee shop in Hamburg... always a nice excuse when we need to buy a new bag of espresso for home to enjoy a nice morning at our favorite coffee shop. 

Happy Saturday! 

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