Friday, September 06, 2019

Take 358

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
I want to start this Friday by saying something: Life is normal. Sure, it's also magical and miraculous... but it's also normal. This week, I didn't come up with 7 things... because you know what? I go to work, I feed my kids, and then I generally want to put my tired pregnant self to bed ASAP. But you know what? That's OK. I'm OK with normal. In fact, it's kind of a treat after spending a week in bed with a bad toe in August. 
--- 2 ---
I attempted yet another pork chop recipe... and yet again, dry. Is there any way to cook pork so it's not dry without it being a pork shoulder in a crockpot? Any pork cooked in 30 minutes should be drowning in BBQ sauce... in my experience. Teach me your ways.
--- 3 ---
Have you read Stuart Little with your kids recently? Brian confirmed that some people of the internet love the ending because it's real life--not everything is "tied up and tidy" at the end. People. The second to last chapter is Stuart totally face planting on a date. And then? He never finds the bird. OH MY GOSH. Sorry for ruining it for you. But really?? Give me all the fake stories with tidy endings. (Totally loved this book as a child. How?!)
--- 4 ---
Have you heard Say You Won't Let Go by James Arthur? Isn't this phrase totally ruined by Titanic for everyone else, too?! "Don't ever let go, Jack!" Yeah. He did. He let go. And died.

Also, love stories that start with the girl puking? LOL. sigh.
--- 5 ---
This image was shared about apples this week. Interesting enough, I have never identified my favorite apple... though I do know that I don't prefer tart. 
--- 6 ---
I purchased peperoncino this week and the jar came with a piece of plastic to help you drain out the juice. Say what?!
--- 7 ---
Not quite sure what you're up to this weekend, but I'm happy to share mine:

Happy relaxing weekend!

Happy Friday! 

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