Friday, August 02, 2019

Take 353

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Patrick and Emma are here! What a treat for us! And today? Today is Friday! So we were kids- and fancy-free, enjoying incredible weather downtown. So lovely.
--- 2 ---
I went to a lovely restaurant last weekend. In truth, Brian sent me to a lovely restaurant. And I sat there for 90 minutes alone reading a book. It was amazing. And beautiful. And so darned quiet. Hotel Jacob. When I went to work on Monday, I found out that a famous painter had painted my lunch location...

See here.
And yes. It's still that beautiful.
--- 3 ---
I was so full, but the after-lunch cappuccino was calling my name. So I did. And then it arrived with chocolate.
--- 4 ---
I don't know if you enjoyed any Prime Day Deals, but this gal bought herself a cast iron skillet. And no, I haven't gotten around to using it, yet, but I'm stoked. I can't wait to cook and then broil food in the oven. 
--- 5 ---
Did you know that McDonald's sells curly fries, now? And yes. They taste just like Arby's fries. Weird.
--- 6 ---
Ok. Ok. Sorry about all the food stuff today, but I can't let the week go by without encouraging you to go out and enjoy ripe peach season. I've been gorging on them and have  zero regrets. G'ahead and join me. Maybe I'll even use them in a baked good in my new skillet!
--- 7 ---
This was our first week back to school and work. That's right. Morning alarms, regular dinners, no waffles, and soccer practice. We I barely made it. LOL. But we'll carry on and try again next week... but after a relaxing weekend with family, of course.

Happy Friday! 

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