Friday, August 30, 2019

Take 357

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
I wanted to give a few follow-ups from last week. First off: R's birthday cake
Also, note to self: buy more piping bags... I only own one. (So I stuck to 3 colors on the cake. LOL.)
--- 2 ---
I also allowed Marie Kondo (the show I watched last week while laid up with my bum toe) to have some effect on our house... Behold, our medicine cabinet:
I only wish I had a before photo... Just imagine not being able to find anything and bottles of medicine falling into the soaking dirty dishes while you're at it. Fun fun.

Oh, and no. I don't think tea is actual medicine. It just fit nicely there. 
--- 3 ---
A friend of mine from college put out this song recently:
Fun, no? Nice work, Sarin!
--- 4 ---
I finally made pasta carbonara this week that wasn't fried egg noodles. Oops. If you're interested, I used this technique:
...But I don't love pepper and stuck more to this actual recipe. I'll do it all again... only next time, more bacon per pasta. :)
--- 5 ---
I know I'm pregnant and all, and I refuse to let this blog be a complaining zone... but I had a really good laugh this week (Thanks, Brian!) for the friendly reminder that at our age... well, 100% healthy might juuuust be a myth. Hoping and dreaming of 100% Healthy is nice... but not if it keeps you from appreciating wherever you're currently at. Can you tell I got a cold this week? Nope. Not complaining. Just happy that today I moved up to 70% healthy instead of Wednesday's 30%. And my toe is way better! 
--- 6 ---
Speaking of 100% healthy... today I ordered a pair of compression stockings. #Pregnant #GoodLooking
Want a good laugh? In German they're called 
Strumpfhose. (St-French sounding r-umpf-hose-a)
--- 7 ---
Are these cell phone straps popular in the US, yet? They're very common here in Germany and honestly... with the amount of times I drop my phone or have to put it in my back pocket so it's closer than in my purse... I'm tempted.

Happy Friday! 

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  1. I like that song -- thanks for sharing!