Friday, August 23, 2019

Take 356

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Well, that week just disappeared. On Monday, I nonchalantly arrived for surgery. A surgery I deemed "Minor" and said I'd probably be back to work the next day. Boy, was I wrong. I confidently allowed myself to be discharged and went downstairs alone in the hospital for my pick-up to go home, and mid-elevator ride, the local anesthesia wore off. 

Let's just say I've been trying to manage pain all week... and working hard to keep my foot elevated. I've seen improvement every day, but I had no idea that it would eat up a week of my life. All because of a stupid toenail. LOL. 

If you haven't thanked your big toe yet today for serving you, g'ahead and knock yourself out.
--- 2 ---
So, I'll admit that for the first few days, I watched TV. A lot. And I've now got "favorite" shows for different purposes... And my favorite show to fall asleep to? Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. I love to fall asleep to people cleaning and organizing, turns out. It's also a little bit ironic to lay in bed for 5 days, barely able to get to a bathroom, and sit in bed thinking about how dirty and disorganized your house is getting... while you watch other people get inspired... 
--- 3 ---
8 years ago this past Monday, Brian and I drove to a surprise date location and when I saw BOATS, I thought to myself, "If he's not proposing here, what other stops could he pull?" But, I immediately decided to simply enjoy the day and not worry about it... and yes. He did propose on this awesome boat and I said yes. And I'm SO grateful for that!
Thanks for the engagement photos, Melanie Reyes Photography :)
--- 4 ---
This article in the NYT on SmittenKitchen has already circulated, but if you haven't taken a peek, go for it! She's one of my favorite sources for recipes... and this weekend, I'll be whipping up her Fudgy Chocolate Sheet Cake for Rowan's birthday... because it's my favorite. haha. I just re-read that and realized how selfish it sounded. #MomLife
--- 5 ---
During my many TV hours this week, I saw a commercial of a woman shaving her legs... while wearing nylons. And the nylons didn't tear. I was so impressed. LOL.
--- 6 ---
I don't know what helps you remember to get your haircut, but I was doing our family budgeting and discovered it had been 9 months since I had one... so I decided to get a haircut. Nothing major, but the introduction of layers to help things feel light and more of a frame around my face feels nice. 
--- 7 ---
It's still 31 days until Autumn actually arrives... but American football starts sooner than that... and today I heard a leaf blower. So, get excited y'all. Bring on the soups, sweaters, pumpkin bread and crunchy leaves.

Happy Friday! 

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