Friday, August 09, 2019

Take 354

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
School starts on Monday! I mean, I'm not the student. But the students are coming! I'm feeling a little unprepared, but this is happening. Summers... they have a way of slipping away, no? (But the temperatures are dropping...)
--- 2 ---
I could, however, tell that this summer was slipping away this week when Facebook showed me an ad for Dirndls... Oktoberfest, which of course starts September, is comin' like a freight train... But who are we kidding? We just want Notre Dame football to start.
--- 3 ---
This week we celebrated a birthday and as a Mama, I always like to go back and look at the beginning. #Nostalgic
--- 4 ---
Also, thanks to the Kita, we discovered the kid/funny version of Happy Birthday:

Happy Birthday to you!
Marmelade im Schuh! (Marmelade in (your) shoe)
Aprikose in der Hose, (Apricots in (your) pants)
Und eine Bratwurst dazu! (And a bratwurst!)

All the giggles.
--- 5 ---
Honest question: You open the dishwasher. You empty it all. A day or two later, it's full again. You go to put the soap in... and you find the tablet never released with the last run. What's the honest response to this situation?! Blog about it, right?
--- 6 ---
I rediscovered my Mom's awesome sensitive skin tip: Cover costume earring posts with clear nail polish. Most cheap earrings make my ears itch... but yesterday, I got through a whole day without any problems.
--- 7 ---
We've been in Germany now for 25 months... and I finally found real salsa. I'm telling you. Label is translated to German... and it's from MEXICO. Oh my gosh. I just sat down and ate an awesome amount of chips & salsa... with no regrets. So good. And yes, I bought 4 jars.

Happy Friday! 

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