Friday, July 26, 2019

Take 352

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
This was our last week of summer vacation. I'll admit that 13 days alone with the kids while Brian was on a business trip kind of left me crawling to the finish line, but thankfully we've enjoyed more sunshine this week. Popsicles and a park with water were just the ticket.
--- 2 ---
When Brian was away, I was laying in bed and started to realize that I had a major problem: it sounded like there was a mouse in my room. Like, literal moving around sounds and I had no idea what I was going to do. Call my neighbor and ask him to come over and exterminate for me at 10:30 at night? Not really ideal. Could I be brave??

Well, I went and (bravely) turned the light on and discovered it was a moth the size of my thumb. And yes. I convinced that sucker to fly out my balcony door. Not without some fear and trepidation. #Don'tMess #GladBrian'sBack
--- 3 ---
Thankfully, at the end of those 13 days, we went as a family to visit friends in Malta! Oh what fun! It was a really great trip and Mark and Maria were beyond hospitable. And, their children were just as hospitable to our children. We all had such a nice time... thanks for having us!!
--- 4 ---
We went for an after-dinner ice cream trip that was oh-so-yummy. (The shop was just above the church seen in the photo above.) But, I just had to share with you their "New York New York" Ice cream flavor...

Organic Canadian maple and caramelised pecans

All the laughs. 
--- 5 ---
Also, as a tidbit for planning your next summer vacation with kids under 6: Pack an outfit for each day you're away. Now add an additional outfit for every time you plan to serve them ice cream. 
--- 6 ---
My kids absolutely love The Book with no Pictures. But it wasn't until I was watching The Founder (good movie!) that I realized that one of the actors was the same name as the writer of that book... B. J. Novak. Dude. The Office. Oh, and he went to school with John Krasinski. The world is a crazy place. 
--- 7 ---
We got our first cherry tomatoes from our garden! Hip Hip Hooray!  

Happy Friday! 

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