Friday, July 19, 2019

Take 351

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
At some point, Brian bought white pepper for our spice cabinet. I was at a loss for when I would really ever use it... and then last week I tried this Stovetop Mac'n'Cheese recipe and it was clear that the white pepper was completely the magic ingredient. It was tangy and spicy... all while being creamy. Now I'm tempted to go and make more.
--- 2 ---
Do you ever buy a piece of furniture for your house that *just* makes the difference? We bought an organizer for our shower for our shampoos and things and it had one of those immediate turn-around, oh right! I'm not a college student! Sort of affects... Well, we did that again when we bought this for our TV: 
I just suddenly feel better about... things? who knows what things. But I feel better.
--- 3 ---
I got a request for NYC recommendations... and used it as an excuse to enjoy this again... (I'm sure not everyone will love this... but some of you maaaay just get it.)
--- 4 ---
I sliced into our ginger this week and was completely disappointed to discover it was blue inside. Blue Ginger? Bummer! But then I googled it... and found out that it's not mold or rotting... it's extra special. #Score #GladIdidn'ttossit
--- 5 ---
I watched a movie this week that was produced by Universal, but it wasn't a Minions movie... and I just simply can't hear the Universal theme without the Minions ridiculously hilarious singing over it (and the assumed hilarious bodily noises when it's done). Can you tell we're Minions fans?
--- 6 ---
Our neighborhood installed a small playground and a decent sized sandbox. And you know? I have always thought that if we spent money installing some play equipment our kids would mostly ignore it after the newness wore off... but I have to admit: these swings are really great. And the sandbox is big and awesome. And they continue to be an attractive fun activity. I'm so grateful for them--especially during this summer time.
--- 7 ---
I broke my thumb. The break was small, apparently, because the doctor didn't catch it. But now I'm 8 weeks out and the only thing that's been done is giving me a thumb brace. And I had trouble opening the plastic covering on chapstick this week. For the love of pete. Do I seriously need to see a physical therapist for a digit?! I just want to unbuckle my kids with the closest hand... but I can't. Sigh. Dumb Thumb.

Happy Friday! 


  1. Sorry about your thumb, Mary! Prayers for a quick healing!

  2. I loved the video!