Friday, July 12, 2019

Take 350

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
You guys. Family vacation is the best.
We signed up for the same vacation spot in Denmark that we went to last year and had no regrets. It's true that the weather last year knocked it out of the park and this year... not so much... but it was still perfect. Just a few days to unwind, enjoy good food and have no agenda. Perfect.
--- 2 ---
I took my usual mid-trip run to the grocery store (despite all efforts to bring absolutely everything we needed... #HelloNotEnoughTPinourAirbnb). But at least I was afforded this awesome view:

Candy in Denmark:
Keep in mind: this tiny grocery store/gas station has equal space dedicated to candy as it has all dairy and produce combined.
--- 3 ---
I watched Bridge of Spies on vacation. I know that I'm unabashedly in love with almost all Tom Hanks movies... and this one was no exception. I loved it.
--- 4 ---
Ok ok--last thing about Denmark. Check out their Royals for their deck of cards. Amazing, no?
--- 5 ---
Want a good listen? Thirdstory.
--- 6 ---
I'm getting older. And my movie trivia shows it. I used to know names of movie stars and (shocking!) even remember the titles of movies after I've seen them. I'm no longer capable of this. But movies are such an important part of my growing up experience and enjoyment in life... this is all a set up for the fact that I will always have the IMDB app on my phone. And Brian found out this small fact and had a good laugh. I was just perplexed--doesn't everyone have this app? What's so funny? How else will I watch a movie in peace while trying to place "Suzie's" real name and the other movies that she's performed in??? This is real need, people.
--- 7 ---
I exercised amazing self control yesterday and froze 100% of our first batch of summer pesto from the garden. This reminded me of something I've been meaning to tell you. I finally got around to reading the label of German pesto here and realized--they've been slipping ARUGULA into the pesto. EW. No wonder I never liked it very much. I get small amounts of fresh arugula on a pizza or something--but all it does to pesto is make it bitter. GROSS. Homemade forever!!

Happy Friday! 

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