Friday, July 05, 2019

Take 349

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Happy Summer! Work is over, folks. (I don't wanna work! I wanna bang on the drums all day!) 3.5 full weeks of no agenda. We're riding the every-day wave. No kita. All fun. Naps. Movies. All of it.
--- 2 ---
Of course, this is a little intimidating for this working Mama. If you have a favorite summer activities, please send them my way. My current list includes:

  • Get library cards for the kids. (Intimidating: Read: German paperwork)
  • Park Trips with packed lunches
  • Baking (Cookies, soft pretzels, braided bread, etc.)
  • Elbe beach
  • Organize our shed and put up patio Christmas lights for fun
If you have favorite activities that will fill a morning or afternoon--I'm all ears. I've got lots of empty mornings and afternoons.
--- 3 ---
Yesterday at about 5 pm, I was thinking to myself, "Gosh darn I feel good and relaxed... why is that?!" Oh. A 70 minute morning nap, a 45 minute afternoon nap and Brian was cooking dinner. #NotRocketScience #ThanksLove #Vacation101
--- 4 ---
I've been reading Charlotte's Web with the kids at night before bed and we just made it to the second-to-last chapter last night where Charlotte breathed her last breath and I couldn't even hold it together. Charlotte! Wilbur! Friendship! Self-Sacrificing love! Baby spiders! LOL. Ok, so forget that last one. (EEEWWW)
--- 5 ---
We've caught some of the Red Sox & Yankees series in London on TV and I saw the most amazing thing--a fan wearing a two-sided, double-billed baseball cap... Yankees on one side and Red Sox on the other. Sure, he probably has some things to deal with if he's sporting both sides--but the cap? Hilarious. Genius. 
--- 6 ---
Just discovered an App called, "Be My Eyes". You can hear testimonials on this page. Essentially, it connects blind and visually impaired people with volunteers who can help them with tasks--like picking out a product at a grocery store or finding the correct platform at a new train station. The world is full of good people. Let's be reminded.

--- 7 ---
Hope you had a lovely 4th of July! We grilled out here in Europe, just like we would've if we weren't living ex-pat life... but I will admit that I do ache a little for fireworks, sparklers, Old Navy apparel on toddlers, and berry desserts. But mostly? For you. For the family party. For the pool filled with young parents and babies and Grandmas singing with our kids around a group of happy people enjoying a cold beer and a burger. 

Anywho. I digress. Sending Love!

Happy Friday! 

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  1. Mary, I teared up reading #4 and remembering reading Charlotte's Web! It is such a sweet book.