Friday, June 28, 2019

Take 348

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
School's Out for the Summer!! I mean, my break comes in the middle of next week, but the kids are set free and the offices at work will be a lot quieter... And that's always a nice change of pace. 
--- 2 ---
Deb. Girl. This strawberry shortcake was the first time I ever added hard boiled egg yolk to a baked good. #NoRegrets
(Yes, those are last week's strawberries.)
--- 3 ---
Speaking of this... I have some intense memories of the Strawberry Shortcake doll. My friend Linda had one on the top shelf of a bedroom closet, and I remember going to get the special box out and the smell of the doll still permeates in my mind. 

...And googling that revealed there was even a TV show... Who knew.
--- 4 ---
Well, June is pretty over. I had only one resolution for this month: Finish my book. Becoming by Michelle Obama has been on my side table since January and it's done. So, it was a small resolution, but I did it. :) 

Now I just need to solve my library problems. I'm curious how many German libraries have English books... and what types. #SummerGoals 
--- 5 ---
I used to listen to audio books... about 1 per month when I lived in Boston. But my OverDrive account with the Boston Public Library is now dead and gone. I'd prefer not to pay for all my audio books... Do you use some sort of service? Do you have a recommendation for me? 
--- 6 ---
Need a fun pasta recipe? I spent yesterday evening making this Epicurious pasta dish. Guys. It was sooo good. And? The pasta was partially cooked in the chicken broth... It was an interesting process for a pasta recipe--and it was a success.

--- 7 ---
Hey Grandma Ginger! You're amazing! Tomorrow you'll be 92! Happy Birthday! So many great memories of swimming in pools with you, cheese & cracker trays in the TV room, drinks on the screened-in porch, days at the model airplane field, car trips with Grandpa through Pennsylvania, touring Theodore Roosevelt's home on Long Island and so much more. We've been so blessed by your love and I'm SOOO grateful that my children know and love their "Gigi" so much. Thanks for giving us an extra home for our year in Boston. You're the hostess with the mostest! Love you!

Happy Friday! 

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  1. Libravox and libby are the ones I use to listen to audio books!