Friday, June 21, 2019

Take 347

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Today was a day off. And I did just that: I took a day off. I drove downtown to the Isemarkt and walked through 750 m of market... fresh fish, fresh meat, fresh produce, and of course an accordion player. 
--- 2 ---
What's the first thing I did when I got home? I poured all of these strawberries into a colander and ate as many as I wanted. I'm not sure I've ever done that as an adult. Didn't count. Didn't restrict myself. Just enjoyed.
--- 3 ---
Happy first day of Summer! Hamburg's daylight hours today are a whopping 17 hours and 2 minutes. Don't worry... we'll crawl all the way back to 7 hours and 27 minutes for the first day of Winter... ouch.
--- 4 ---
I had a great laugh this week when I delivered my kids to school and found the usual "birthday poster" location replaced with a welcome sign...

for the newest school chicken. LOL. A little history, the revelation of the chicken's age, etc etc etc. I kid you not--3 or 4 paragraphs!
--- 5 ---
I have not made a lot of progress on the whole soccer mom thing. A few more practices here and there... but it occurred to me during one of them: I can relax a whole lot more on the side of a soccer field than I can in my own home. I'm going to perfect this if I can... Because killing this 1.5 hours of relaxation 2x per week could be a real win. 
--- 6 ---
Sometimes the internet is funny. Today I saw a "recipe" for corn on the cob:

Combine water, corn on the cob, a stick of butter and a cup of milk... 
"It'll be the best corn on the cob you've ever tasted!"
It better be--with a whole stick of butter and a cup of milk! LOL.

--- 7 ---
The weather here is oscilating between 60s and 80s. True to Marie Kondo's recommendation: there's hardly any storing away of any season's clothing. I'm currently wearing a sweater and on Tuesday was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Thankfully, though, that means we get to see some amazing thunderstorms in the process--and that! That is one of my favorite things about summer since I was little.

Happy Friday! Happy Summer!

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