Friday, June 14, 2019

Take 346

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Whew! We had Monday off this week, but I also ended up working today, which is *not* my normal... Fridays at work are for real... Even after a 4-day work week. We barely made it through make-your-own pizza night, but we pushed through and the pesto mushroom chicken pizza was a success. Bring on the weekend!
--- 2 ---
How are your balancing skills going? You know the: I love movies, but also read books balance? Or the I usually run for exercise, but occasionally do a sit-up or 5 balance? Or the extreme love of the sunny day, but the adoration of a perfect thunderstorm balance? Or...

Champagne and Kale on a lovely Saturday balance:
--- 3 ---
Have you read Becoming by Michelle Obama? This week I finished it and immediately felt sad. It was so fun reading her story. So fun, in fact, that I dreamt this week that I met both Michelle and Barack and you know what? They really were the nicest people.

LOL. I crack myself up.
--- 4 ---
I bought a new hand soap for our main floor bathroom and it's the perfect pump amount. One pump is the perfect amount of soap. And the kids? They don't over soap with hand washing. Now I know I'm old. Because that was exciting.
--- 5 ---
We got an awesome game of Checkers from Marmie & Pops that is a Cubbies version. As I sat and played my first game of Checkers as a Mama, I realized: I have to get better at voluntarily losing
--- 6 ---
When you finally grow out your hair to the longest it's ever been, when do you stop? Every day is like setting a personal record and when does one stop competing with oneself?

--- 7 ---
This week I committed (and succeeded!) in moving my 23 minute PT routine to the morning. Pre-shower. And I realized just how freeing it was to live each day knowing my responsibilities weren't being saved for after dinner: my tiredest time of day. I've been living under a "PT is coming and I'm tired" cloud for months. And you know what? I'm converted. Sure, it's an early wake-up... but it's done!

Happy Friday!

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